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In collaboration with the Act Against AIDS campaign, LULAC will award stipends of $2,000 to ten LULAC councils in good standing. The funding should be utilized to start or augment existing HIV screenings efforts in addition to highlighting HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and care.

The deadline to submit a stipend application is September 1st, 2019, 6 P.M. EST.

If you have questions about program requirements or how to complete or submit an application send us an email at LatinosLivingHealthy@LULAC.org

The State of HIV in Latino Communities

LULAC is thrilled to join the effort to reduce the disproportionately high HIV/AIDS rates in the Latino community. Through these stipends, LULAC adult and collegiate councils are provided an opportunity to bring localized and strategic events to their community that will engage Latinos in conversations about HIV/AIDS and create solutions. These events will feature free HIV testing to participants and link them to resources and care in the community.

Latinos are highly impacted by HIV/AIDS. In 2013, nearly 11,000 Latinos were diagnosed with HIV, making up 21% of all new HIV infections in the country. Additionally, Latinos accounted for 23% of AIDS diagnoses that year. HIV/AIDS is also a prevalent issue among Latino youth. In 2010 Latino youth accounted for 20% of HIV infections among youth in the United States. These high rates show the crucial need for action.

Many Latinos shy away from HIV/AIDS testing and care due to stigma, fear of rejection and embarrassment. Nearly a third of Latinos were tested during the late stages of the HIV infection and were diagnosed with AIDS within a year. HIV/AIDS remains a stigmatized issue within the Latino community and requires change.

Information updated on 08/02/2019.

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