LULAC's National Programs

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Annually, LULAC engages its network of 135,000 community volunteers, 1,000 local councils, 60 community technology centers and 14 LULAC National Educational Service Centers to empower Hispanic families through direct service programs and advocacy in 35 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. If your council is interested in supporting LULAC’s programs in civic engagement, civil rights, economic empowerment, education, health, housing, immigration, public service or technology please contact the LULAC National Office at 202-833-6130.

National Programs & Initiatives

Through key education program initiatives and strategic policy advocacy, LULAC is helping advance the educational attainment of Hispanics. LULAC's cornerstone education programs are increasing academic achievement, graduation rates, and higher education pursuance for students across the country.
LULAC serves a rapidly growing immigrant community, we understand the importance of ensuring a successful transition into active, educated new citizens. LULAC is investing in programs that offer citizenship application assistance, and provide civics and citizenship education.
A comprehensive approach designed to reach Latinos across the United States and Puerto Rico to address health disparities in our communities.
In an effort to reduce the wealth divide affecting the Latino community, LULAC continues to promote financial stability through its various economic empowerment programs and services. Our programs foster wise money management and fraud prevention and resources to help consumers to take control of their finances and create a better financial future for themselves and their families.
LULAC's technology programs create positive exchanges in Hispanic communities by providing access to state-of-the-art computer technology to narrow the digital divide. Our programs provide digital literacy training and tools in order to do school work, job training, job inquiries, money management, English language courses, citizenship preparation courses and more.
LULAC’s women’s empowerment programming seeks to train, motivate, and empower women to become leaders in all aspects of their lives. Through programming, LULAC along with its partners and councils provide women across the country with tools and resources to help them succeed in various aspects of their lives.
Through key partnerships and initiatives, LULAC is empowering and training Latinos for successful careers to create access to upward professional and economic mobility. LULAC's workforce development programs equip participants with in-demand skills, offer professional development opportunities, and connect them with top employers.
Supporting local, state, and national communities through LULAC’s carefully crafted and coordinated programs, & initiatives to meet the needs of 52 million Latinos living and working in the United States.