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Scorecards: Corporate Responsibility

What makes a company “good” for Hispanics?

This question has been asked by the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) since its founding in 1986, when several progressive, community-based visionary leaders joined together to form a coalition of national advocacy organizations focused on corporate social responsibility initiatives and the emerging U.S. Hispanic consumer.

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2015 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index

In 2014 we shifted the focus of the HACR CII from participation to progress. That move was driven in part by the need to provide participating companies with a greater return for their investment in the survey through extended benchmarking.
Once again, we have seen a renewed commitment by some corporations to be transparent when it comes to Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America. We have also welcomed many new participants and have learned that many companies still have work to do to ensure Hispanics are represented at all levels within their companies, in their business operations, and community engagement plans.


This year marks the fifth year of the HACR CII in its current format. In that time, we have seen a renewed commitment by some corporations to be transparent when it comes to Hispanic inclusion in Corporate America.


Amid the current economic climate, this year’s survey shows on the one hand, the continued commitment by some corporations to include Hispanics in their workforce and the value they place on a diverse workforce. On the other hand, the survey also sheds tremendous light on the work that many companies still have yet to do to ensure that Hispanics are represented at all levels within their companies.


2011 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII)

The 2011 Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility's Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII) rates Hispanic inclusion by Fortune 100 companies and its corporate partners in the areas of workforce, procurement, philanthropy, and governance.


2010 HACR Corporate Index

As we look ahead preliminary reports from the 2010 Census has an expected count of 50 million Hispanics as part of the U.S. population; our numbers have increased 42% over the past 10 years compared to 5% growth for the rest of the population. This means that one in every six U.S. residents is Hispanic, making us the second largest consumer group in the U.S.


2009 HACR Corporate Index

The purpose of the 2009 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index is to seek answers to this question in a pragmatic manner — not an easy task, but one that has to be undertaken.It is the one question that allows HACR to determine Corporate America’s commitment to the nation’s fastest growing consumer, voter, taxpayer, and workforce population.

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HACR Mission

HACR’s mission is to ensure the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America at a level commensurate with our economic contributions. HACR focuses on four areas of corporate responsibility and market reciprocity. They are: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, and Governance.

In pursuit of its mission, HACR offers Corporate America direct access to the Hispanic community — its talent, entrepreneurs, and leadership — creating a forum to ensure corporate responsibility and market reciprocity for the nation’s Hispanic population.