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* 2024 LULAC National Convention & Exposition.

LULAC National Youth

The LULAC National Youth Convention approaches!

Dates: June 11-13, 2024 at Texas Woman’s University in Denton

- A maximum of 8 Students and 2 Chaperones for each council will receive free room & board.

- The registration fee for each conference participant is $100.00 which will cover the cost of participating in the conference.

- The first 10 councils to register will receive free room and board.

Youth Program Book

Youth Constitution Proposed Amendments

2024 LULAC Youth Convention Registration

As the fastest growing population in the United States, Latinos have become important in every aspect of American society. Even more important are the upcoming generations that will one day cultivate into our nation’s prominent leaders.

Each generation plays a pivotal role in addressing the social, economic, and political injustices to advance the civil rights of our communities. Youth have been at the forefront of many social movements throughout history. As one of the generations that keeps up with the most recent trends, Latino youth have taken on social media efforts and online activism to engage in discussions about social justice.

LULAC believes in investing in youth and empowering them to reach their full potential. The LULAC Youth program is designed to develop young people into impactful community leaders through positive educational experiences, social events, and civic activities. LULAC Youth council members are supported by responsible LULAC adult members who serve as role models. The network of LULAC Youth Councils carries forth the work of LULAC at the teenage level across the United States and Puerto Rico.

LULAC Youth Board

LULAC Youth participate in leadership training and are empowered with skills to serve as agents of change in their schools and communities. Each year, LULAC youth elect their peers who exemplify the spirit of leadership to serve on the LULAC National Youth Board and represent LULAC youth at a national level.

LULAC National Youth President
Idalyd Granados

Youth National Treasurer
Giovanny Aguado

LULAC National Youth VP for Women
Michelle Solis

LULAC Youth Vice President of the South West
Victoria Ariza

LULAC Youth Vice President of the Far West
Angel Arellano

LULAC Youth Vice President of the South East

LULAC Youth Vice President of the North East
Willoren Gumbs

Non-Voting Members

Advisor to President,


Social Media/Website

Environmental Chair

LULAC National Youth Convention

The LULAC National Youth Convention brings together youth leaders from across the United States and Puerto Rico to participate in a series of engaging workshops focused on leadership training, career exploration, professional development, civic engagement activities and more. The multi-day event provides participants with tools and resources to prepare them for their personal, academic and professional futures.

LULAC believes that education is the key to the doors of opportunity, and LULAC Youth Councils are prioritizing the academic support and success of our nation’s youth. Each youth council promotes academic excellence through local programs, initiatives and activities. The council’s sponsor serves as a mentor and connector to resources that support students’ development and post-high school plans.

To find a local council, visit

Our network of LULAC Youth Councils across the U.S. and Puerto Rico is making a difference through volunteer programs that address the needs of the Latino community. This nationwide network of community activists works proudly to engage in community service projects that focus on increasing food security, protecting the environment, advocating for our civil rights, and more.

To learn more, visit

Through the support and guidance of LULAC Youth Council sponsors, youth are serving as agents of change by taking action on the issues that matter to them most. In the upcoming year, LULAC Youth are prioritizing their activism and action around climate change, the affordability of higher education, and are developing a podcast to amplify the voices of young Latino leaders from across the United States and Puerto Rico.

LULAC National Youth Photo Gallery