LULAC Health Programs

The LULAC Latinos Living Healthy (LLH) initiative is a comprehensive approach designed to reach Latinos across the United States and Puerto Rico to address health disparities in our communities. The three main goals of the initiative are to educate and increase awareness of health issues within the Latino community, distribute information and resources to individuals who otherwise may not have access to them and to engage community partners to create local ambassadors to best impact the needs of every region. Please click one of the banners below for more information on LULAC’s programs and initiatives.

Health Equity

Health equity is achieved when people have the opportunity to achieve full health potential and are not at a disadvantage based on their social position. However, there are many barriers to health including language barriers, immigration status, and access to culturally relevant resources. LULAC aims to provide bilingual information and discuss the importance of access to quality healthcare and participating in health research. The fact of the matter is that the Latino community has been historically left out of research. And when you’re left out of the research, you can be left out of the solutions. 

The All of Us Research Program is a large research program from the National Institutes of Health. The goal is to help researchers understand more about why people get sick or stay healthy. We hope that more than one million people will join the All of Us Research Program. 

The Latino community hasn’t been well represented in health research. The All of Us Research Program wants to change that. 

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Latinos Living Healthy: Increasing awareness of health issues impacting the Latino community

One of the most pressing issues affecting Latinos is health. Disparities in access, quality of service, and the burden of preventable chronic illnesses are rampant. Obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental health, HIV/AIDS diabetes, and strokes continue to be prevalent health issues within the Latino community. LULAC’s health programs focus on improving health outcomes through engaging our local councils, national partners, and corporate sponsors in campaigns dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring healthy lifestyle changes in our communities.

Health Issues Impacting Latinos

It is important to get regular checkups and screenings for diabetes, heart health, cancers, and kidney health. Regular screening may detect health concerns and early detection remains our best option for treatment. Learn more about five prominent health issues impacting Latinos.

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Getting vaccinated saves lives. It protects you, your family and your community. Immunization helps protect future generations by eradicating diseases. Learn more about the different immunizations available and where to make an appointment. 

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HIV Testing

Hispanics/Latinos are less likely to get tested for HIV because of different barriers and challenges that include fear, mistrust, stigma, discrimination and homophobia. In the United States, poverty, migration patterns, lower educational level, and language barriers may make it harder for some Hispanics/Latinos to get HIV testing. Click to learn more about HIV prevention services near you.

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Live Tobacco Free Series

As part of our Latinos Living Healthy: Live Tobacco Free series, LULAC began partnering with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to address the impact tobacco use has on the Latino community. Through our partnership, LULAC hopes to inspire Hispanic youth and parents to learn more about the importance of being tobacco-free and aid families to build healthy habits to prolong their health. 

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LULAC partnered with Novo Nordisk for our Latinos Living Healthy campaign. LULAC plans to lead outreach programs in communities with limited access to resources to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through our awareness campaigns and educational webinars, we are ready to equip the Latino community with plans that become actions to change their lifestyles for the better.

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COVID Resources

During the beginning of the pandemic we saw company shutdowns and furloughs as COVID cases increased sharply. It was very clear that people were urgently looking for assistance. This is when LULAC identified an immediate need for bilingual resources available. During the peak of the pandemic outbreak, there were almost two times as many cases in the Latino population than among whites, and Latinos have a hospitalization rate four times higher. Many of the government websites and resources available were in English making it harder for Spanish-speaking

Ayuda en Espanol

Ayuda En Español was a landmark campaign launched to bring awareness and education on COVID-19 to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the United States and Puerto Rico. Over 47,000 individuals have received direct assistance with the help of more than 130 councils including food provisions, personal protective equipment, rental assistance, mental health support, access to internet services and technological equipment to continue remote work and learning, and much more.

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Vacunate Hoy

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the nation and the world since early 2020. The pandemic shed light on the health inequities that have long been a problem in the U.S.,  and continue to disproportionately impact communities of color. LULAC launched the campaign to provide access to vaccines and vaccine information to the most impacted and vulnerable communities across the country.

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