2020 Virtual Federal Training Institute Partnership (FTIP) Month of Development

The LULAC Federal Training Institute (FTI), The National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers(NCHEPM), Leadership Consultants and several Federal agencies have come together to coordinate and provide training through the 2020 Virtual LULAC Federal Training Institute Partnership “A Month of Development” for Federal employees and the community during these challenging times. Due to the generosity, collaboration, and in-kind support of all the partners, we are able to have the attendees take advantage of this opportunity free of charge.

The FTIP cohorts understand how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting all activities to include training and development opportunities for many. However, more now than ever, we need to recruit, retain, motivate, and develop a diverse federal workforce to lead, aspire leadership positions, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Leaders that will understand, be sensitive to, and address the needs of all communities.

We invite you to participate in our two FTI LULAC Virtual Events, these events are free, and they include:

  1. 2020 LULAC Virtual Federal Training Institute Partnership “A Month of Professional Development”. This event is open to all federal employees and will take place from August 18 through September 29, 2020. It will feature more than 25 highly interactive, participant focused workshops that have been created to specifically address the current professional and leadership development needs of today’s federal workforce. Workshops will be presented by distinguished subject matter experts from across the Federal Government and the Private Sector. To see a list of the workshops and dates of deployment you can visit www.lulac.org/ftip/program.
    Workshop Registration(s) First Step - Click the button called “Select a Time”. Then select “tickets”, where you will see a listing of all the workshops. After selecting your desired workshops, click “register” and this will take you to a form that all participants must complete. Once you are done completing the form, click “register” and you will receive a confirmation email.
    Workshop Registration Second Step - Upon completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite. Make sure the entire content of the email is displayed on the screen. If it is not, scroll to the bottom of the email and click "view entire message". Then, find the section titled "additional information," where you will find a link to each workshop you registered for. Make sure you visit the link of the workshop(s) to finalize your registration and add the workshop(s) link to your calendar. Please know that for some of the workshops (i.e. workshops on August 18 and August 20), you will receive a confirmation email after you finalize your registration, with a new/separate login link and dial-in number to join the workshop the date/time of the session.
    * To participate you MUST complete all requested information in the registration form. Registration is on a “first-come/first serve” basis and will close when it reaches capacity.
    * Your Registration IS NOT transferable and CANNOT be shared with others.
  2. FTIP Community Virtual Outreach – October 7-8, 2020. This event has been created for anyone who is interested in pursuing a Federal career or who is interested in learning more about government initiatives that may be impacting their community. Specifically, participants will learn information about how to effectively apply for federal employment, have an opportunity to participate in a Town Hall for Veterans, and be part of a workshop that’s focused on the importance of the 2020 Census.
    Virtual Outreach Registration – Registration will be open on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Please visit www.lulac.org/ftipcommunity on or after September 1, 2020, to complete your registration

If you have any questions about either event, please contact Fiorenza Herrera at Fherrera@lulac.org, Ramiro Hernandez at Rhernandez@lulac.org, or Sara E. Clemente at Sclemente@lulac.org.

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