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Conexiones provides participants with basic computer skills and explores how to navigate the internet in a safe and ethical way while developing their digital skills. Students will build the skills necessary to become more attractive potential employees in an ever changing technology landscape and job market.

Program Objectives

The Conexiones program aims to:

  • Improve participants’ attitudes towards studying and increase their knowledge of effective studying techniques;
  • Promote participants’ confidence and self-esteem towards learning in general;
  • Increase participants’ on-time graduation rates, leading to graduation from high school and enrollment in college;
  • Immerse participants’ in a technology-rich curriculum with a strong focus on internet safety awareness, computer basics and digital literacy skills;
  • Provide participants’ opportunities and resources for leadership development, networking, and the development of workforce and digital skills; and
  • Expose participants' to STEM-related careers, including introductions to professionals that can serve as mentors.
The Conexiones program will:

  • Expose participants to STEM-related careers, including introductions to professionals that can serve as mentors.
  • Introduce the digital world in a safe, legal, and ethical way. Participants will learn about their rights and responsibilities, as well as opportunities available to them in an interconnected digital world;
  • Empower participants’ learning and ensure that they take an active role in learning;
  • Help participants become creative communicators. By working with others in group environments, participants will learn how to think critically and find creative solutions;
  • Highlight the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and managing their digital footprint;
  • Create positive technology habits that will be used in everyday activities and expand awareness of internet safety.

2022-2023 Program Cycle

Our 2022-2023 Conexiones awardees are:

  • Council 22424 in College Station, TX
  • Council 2848 in Anaheim, CA
  • Mi Familia Vota Education Fund in Houston, TX
  • Council 11125 in Washington, DC
  • Council 4297 in Killeen, TX
  • Council 4614 in Richmond, VA
Thank you to everyone that took the time to apply for this cycle of Conexiones and congratulations to our 2022-2023 program awardees!

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