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Income inequality in the United States has been on the rise since the 1970s and has often followed ethnic and racial lines. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019 the average median household income for Hispanic households stood at $56,113 as compared to $76,057 for white, Hon-Hispanic households. The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) disproportionately hurt communities of color and has significantly increased income inequality, unemployment and the wealth gap.

Through key partnerships and initiatives, LULAC is empowering and training Latinos for successful careers, with a strong focus on the fields of STEM, to create access to upward professional and economic mobility. LULAC's workforce development programs equip participants with in-demand skills, offer professional development opportunities, and connect them with top employers.

Google Career Certificates Program

The LULAC Google Career Certificates program is a two-year program designed to award scholarships for participants to complete a Google Career Certificate which provides people with access to in-demand jobs through rapid reskilling without the need for a college degree or prior experience in the fields of IT support, data analytics, project management, and user experience (UX) design. Learners also participate in opportunities for professional development and an annual career fair.

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