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Through key education programs, and strategic policy advocacy, LULAC helps advance the educational attainment of Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Learn more about our education programs below.  To get more information on any programs, please contact Elizabeth Garcia, Director of National Programs, by clicking here.

To learn more about the strategic policy advocacy from our education policy team, please visit our education policy issues section our website by clicking here.  To get more information about LULAC's education policy work, contact Luis Torres, Director of Education Policy, by clicking here.


LULAC Leadership Initiative: The LULAC Leadership Initiative is an ambitious project to revitalize Hispanic neighborhoods from within by creating a nationwide network of innovative grassroots service programs in over 800 Hispanic communities served by LULAC Councils. The project will identify best practices, publish a model program guide, and provide organization and training through ten regional offices.

LULAC’s Empower Hispanic America with Technology Initiative: This network of 60 community technology centers provides free broadband access and computer-related training to students, parents, and low income individuals. The emphasis is to empower those without access to the internet by providing that access and training them on using computers and the internet to do school work, college and financial aid searches, job training, job-searches, managing money, English language courses, and citizenship preparation courses.

LULAC Parent Involvement Initiative: The LULAC National Office works with local LULAC councils to host Education Reform & Advocacy seminars throughout the United States. LULAC develops field teams, of parent and community advocates, and the expertise gained from the training sessions builds the knowledge base of these field teams to better advocate for access to equitable education at the local, state, and federal levels. LULAC’s seasoned Education Policy team also leads education reform in the Washington, D.C. Policy community and co-chairs the Hispanic Education Coalition. Educating parents to be knowledgeable is an efficient approach to promote higher education for the young generation.

LULAC’s ¡Adelante! America Youth Leadership Program: This leadership development program for underserved youth encourages participants to conduct community service projects, meet with positive role models and explore alternatives to violence and crime. The program works with Latino youth to cultivate optimism, build resilience, and improve academic skills with the goal of successful high school completion. Mentoring programs are crucial to help motivate youth that reside underrepresented communities. Currently programs operate during the school year in select cities including: Chicago, El Paso, Holland, Hollister, Los Angeles, Pueblo, South Bend, Toledo, Tucson, and Wallingford.

LULAC Financial Literacy Project: This project provides training to Hispanic consumers about how to manage their finances and make prudent purchasing decisions. The project develops model training programs for helping members of the fastest growing consumer market to make wise financial decisions. LULAC utilizes a variety of bilingual training material and webinar training programs to equip local grassroots leaders with the tools needed to execute the financial literacy workshops in their communities.

Latinos Living Healthy: The LULAC National Office advocates for policies and legislation, training, and public health education programs that improve the physical, behavioral, and mental health and well-being of Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico. LULAC has partnered with leading national Latino organizations in the Latinos United for Health Care campaign to advocate for significant reform that increases access to affordable, quality health coverage for all and makes significant progress in eliminating health disparities. LULAC’s health initiatives focus on health issues that affect Hispanics in higher percentages than the general population including insurance, prescription drugs, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and AIDS. LULAC’s awareness programs and community health festivals educate Latino communities on health and wellness, promote physical activity and fitness, and feature health screenings.

LULAC Youth and Young Adult Leadership Programs: LULAC National is working to create LULAC Youth and Young Adult model curriculum that equips middle school, high school, college students and young professionals with the leadership and career development skills to become America’s next leaders. The curriculum will tailor to each group emphasizing community service, issue-based education, advocacy training, and skills to excel in education and career arenas. Additionally, it will provide resources on how to apply for scholarships, write personal statements, and apply for financial aid. Top LULAC youth from across the country will be selected and sponsored by LULAC Adult councils to attended one of three annual conferences—the Leadership Academy in Albuquerque, the LULAC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar in Washington, DC or the LULAC National Youth Convention.

LULAC Summer Youth Leadership Conference: In partnership with the University of New Mexico and the U.S. Department of Energy, the LULAC Leadership Conference is a high school summer leadership camp that focuses on preparing young Latino students from across the United States as leaders for the future. Over two weeks, 50 students participate in educational events, seminars, and field trips investigating a selected group topic that students will write research reports and deliver final presentations. At our previous conference the theme consisted of “In the changing economy, what 'green jobs' are available for the Latina/o community?” brought to light critical issues affecting the U.S., encouraging the students to derive creative solutions for today’s ailing economy and energy crisis. The program exposes students to college academic and social life and the program’s application process equips students with the skills need to applying for a higher education degree.

Environmental Sustainability and Green Jobs Training: LULAC is developing youth leadership programs and advocacy training conferences focused on the important issues involving energy security and environmental sustainability. Additionally, LULAC has positioned its network of 880 councils and 60 community technology centers to forge partnerships for workforce training and placement in high growth and emerging industries, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy & health care. LULAC’s strategy includes recruitment, placement, and a national PSA campaign in collaboration with local and national partners.

LULAC’s Latina Leadership Initiative: empowers women from underserved Latino communities across the United States and Puerto Rico to raise their consciousness and enhance their ability to become leaders. The cutting edge culturally appropriate leadership development curriculum incorporates self-awareness, community service, social interaction, faith, cultural awareness, and advocacy training to improve the community well-being. Specific modules focus on issues such as health, education, “Beyond Budgeting - Investing in Your Financial Future,” career advancement skills, and domestic violence issues. The adaptable curriculum being developed is designed to be applicable in a variety of venues, including a 1-2 hours webinars, a day-long training, as well as modules that can be taught over a series of weeks. LULAC’s Leadership program enhances the continued training and learning opportunities that are offered to our volunteer members, community leaders, and non-profit partners.


Educational Centers: The LULAC National Educational Service Centers seventeen-site network of counseling centers assists eligible youth to continue in and graduate from high schools and enroll in institutions of higher learning. On an annual basis, LNESC enrolls over 18,000 youth into its comprehensive educational programs and provides assistance to approximately 5% of all Hispanic students enrolling in college.

LNESC MODEL Programs: MODEL stands for Mentoring Opens Doors for Emerging Leaders, and that is this programs mission. The program serves students in fourth through eighth grade by matching them with a volunteer mentor who they meet with on a weekly basis to provide life skills workshops and field trip opportunities after school throughout the week. Currently serves 700 students in: San Francisco, Pomona, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Colorado Springs, and Puerto Rico.

LNESC Upward Bound Programs: The goals of Upward Bound center around college preparedness. The program serves ninth and tenth graders that are classified as low-income or potential first-generation college students. The academic year component consists of instruction at the school site and a local community college while the summer component is a six-week summer camp at a local college campus. The program is administered in Albuquerque, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Puerto Rico.

LULAC National Scholarship Fund: Managed and administered by LNESC, this scholarship program recognizes and rewards student achievement in the Hispanic community by awarding approximately a million dollars in scholarships each year. The program matches funds raised locally by LULAC councils with corporate dollars raised by LNESC to increase the impact of the scholarships.

Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Program: The LNESC Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Program develops the leadership skills of Hispanic youth through the observation and analysis of social, economic, and political issues and the leaders who deal with those issues. The program engages the participants in a leadership project within their own community. The program currently operates in the following 6 cities Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Pueblo, Miami, and El Paso.

LULAC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar: Administered by LNESC, this program is designed to provide students with an understanding of how our government works. Each October, 50 outstanding Hispanic high school juniors and seniors are selected to attend a three-day educational seminar in Washington, D.C. This seminar will provide critical thinking skills, exposure to political and cultural awareness, and exposure to what it is to be in the heart of politics, Washington, DC.

Young Readers: The Young Readers program encourages children to make reading a life-long habit. Twenty-five- thirty Kindergartens, first, and second graders meet twice weekly during the entire academic year. We use games, treats and prizes to help turn an educational experience into a fun activity kid. LNESC will implement the Young Readers program in approximately 30 cities in 2010.

Science Corps: The Science Corps program is designed to encourage Hispanic middle school students to increase their interest in the fields of mathematics and science. Twenty middle school students meet weekly during the school year with a science facilitator who involves them in entertaining science oriented activities, takes them on field trips to interesting places where they can see science in action and exposes them to role models in scientific fields. LNESC has implemented the Science Corps program in 6 cities across the U.S.

Information about Scholarships

GE Foundation/LULAC Scholarship Program
The LULAC National Educational Service Centers (LNESC) is pleased to invite entering college sophomores majoring in engineering or business to apply to the General Electric Foundation /LULAC Scholarship Program. The GE Foundation/LULAC Scholarship Program is intended to assist and encourage outstanding minority students in completing their college education...Click here for more information

MALDEF Scholarships Hispanic College Fund e-Scholar: Gateway to America's Future
Hispanic Scholarship Fund The Gates Millennium Scholars The White House Fellows Program

Information on Student Aid

U.S. Department of Education announced a new streamlined website and several social media tools that will make it easier for students and families to navigate the financial aid process and make informed decisions about paying for college...

Go to the website

Financial Awareness Counseling Tool

The Financial Awareness Counseling Tool was launched last week, and serves as the Department of Education’s response to President Obama’s June 7th directive to enhance online and mobile resources for loan repayment options and debt management...

Visit the site

Other Education Links

Campaign for High School Equity White House: Taking on Education (Video) White House: President Obama's Agenda
Educational Testing Service (ETS) Campaign for America’s Future Alliance for Excellent Education
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Education News

Education News

A brief newsletter dedicated to bringing you news and information specific to LULAC’s work on educational advocacy!


News & Alerts

Jun 11, 2014

LULAC Continues to Educate and Engage Parents on College and Career-Readiness

LULAC will continue to engage and educate the Latino community on critical issues like college-and-career readiness, access to financial aid, and the new Common Core State Standards, through community information sessions.

LULAC Supports American Federation of Teachers’ National Day of Action

Dec 9, 2013

LULAC Supports American Federation of Teachers’ National Day of Action

The Day of Action includes 90 events across the country that brings together teachers, parents, students and community leaders who are dissatisfied with the current state of public education.

LULAC and Univision to Launch

Oct 30, 2013

LULAC and Univision to Launch "Acción por la Educación!"

LULAC and Univision will raise awareness on the importance of college readiness with the launch of "Acción por la Educación!" The effort will be focused on helping parents understand the critical role that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) plays in ensuring students are well prepared for college upon high school graduation.

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