WeRun National Campaign Training Institute

WeRun National Campaign Training Institute

With more than 59 million Latinos in the United States, our communities continue to be disproportionately underrepresented in federal, state, and local governments. In 2018, we took a bold stand to create opportunities to ensure our communities are actively prepared and ready to close this leadership gap, see themselves in those positions of leadership and stay politically engaged. At WeRun, we empower, provide the tools and help young Hispanics and communities of color launch their political careers.

The institute's vision is to increase access and resources through educational trainings and a robust on-hands curriculum to advance opportunities and equip individuals to launch their political careers. We believe in the power of individuals and the importance of our identities and experiences when creating public policies and social change. We work towards an inclusive democracy where this country’s leadership represents and help us nurture the next generation of leaders from our community.

This one-day training will empower, provide the tools and set a path forward for young Latinos and communities of color across the country to learn how government works, manage electoral campaigns and launch their political careers.

If you have any questions please contact Monica Sibri at MSibri@lulac.org or call (347) 460 - 4486

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