Puerto Rico

Jan 15, 2009

The Business of American Democracy Remains Incomplete

These economic and civil rights inequities must be eradicated. We are petitioning the President of the United States and Congress, to pass legislation allowing the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico to choose among non-territorial, non-colonial options.

Sep 16, 1998

Declaration in Support of Puerto Rican Self-Determination

We, the undersigned leaders of the Hispanic community across the United States, celebrate during National Hispanic Heritage Month the many ways in which Hispanic Americans contribute daily to strengthen our Nation's social, moral and economic fabric. In this spirit, we strongly believe that Congress has a responsibility to ensure that the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico, like all American citizens, are afforded equal opportunities to participate in the political process of this great Nation by extending them the right of self-determination. Failure to extend this fundamental principle to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico would undermine the immense efforts and strides Hispanics, and all other ethnic groups throughout our history, have made to fully participate as equals in this democracy.

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