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Eighty six years ago, the founders of the League of United Latin American Citizens created what would become the largest Hispanic civil rights and service organization in the United States. Since our founding, LULAC has developed a tremendous track record of success advancing the economic condition, educational attainment, housing, political influence, health and civil rights of Hispanic Americans.  Read the full letter from Roger C. Rocha Jr., LULAC National President.


LULAC Leadership Initiative: The LULAC Leadership Initiative is an ambitious project to revitalize Hispanic neighborhoods from within by creating a nationwide network of innovative grassroots service programs in over 900 Hispanic communities served by LULAC Councils. The project will identify best practices, publish a model program guide, and provide organization and training through ten regional offices. Annual budget: $4,000,000.

LULAC Convention: The annual LULAC National Convention convenes the LULAC membership in a week-long event consisting of workshops, exhibits, banquets, the election of LULAC’s national officers, and a general assembly to set the organization’s priorities and establish its positions on issues of critical concern to the Hispanic community. Topics at the convention include education, women’s issues, employment, federal workshops, leadership, health, small business development, and corporate relations. Annual budget: $2,000,000.

The LULAC National Legislative Awards GalaThe LULAC National Legislative Conference and Awards Gala brings together members of the U.S. Congress, the LULAC membership, business leaders, and community advocates in Washington, D.C. during February or March. This two-day policy conference, advocacy visits with Members of Congress and Federal agency heads, and formal banquet highlights national policy issues that are having an impact on the Hispanic community. Annual budget: $500,000.

LULAC Technology Centers: This network of 56 community technology centers provides free broadband access and computer-related training to students, parents, and low income individuals. The emphasis is to empower those without access to the internet by providing that access and training them on using computers and the internet to do school work, college and financial aid searches, job training, job-searches, managing money, English language courses, and citizenship preparation courses. You may sponsor a particular number of centers with your company’s branding. Annual budget: $1,000,000; Per site cost: $60,000 depending on level of services sponsored.

LULAC Education Advocacy Program, Promoting High School Success: The LULAC National Office works with local LULAC councils to host Education Reform & Advocacy seminars throughout the United States. LULAC develops field teams, of parent and community advocates, and the expertise gained from the training sessions builds the knowledge base of these field teams to better advocate for access to equitable education at the local, state, and federal levels. LULAC’s seasoned Education Policy team also leads education reform in the Washington, D.C. Policy community and co-chairs the Hispanic Education Coalition. Annual budget: $250,000

LULAC’s ¡Adelante! America Youth Leadership Program:: Ileadership development program for underserved youth encourages participants to conduct community service projects, meet with positive role models and explore alternatives to violence and crime. The program works with Latino youth to cultivate optimism, build resilience, and improve academic skills with the goal of successful high school completion. Currently programs operate during the school year at with LULAC councils and community center partners in Antioch and San Benito County, CA; Tucson, AZ; Orlando, FL; South Bend, IN; Holland, MI; and Toledo, OH. ¡Adelante! America programs are being conducted at the following LULAC National Educational Service Centers (LNESC) locations in East Los Angeles, CA; Pueblo, CO; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; and El Paso and San Antonio, Texas. Annual budget: $500,000.

LULAC National Housing Services: The LULAC Housing initiative raises the level of understanding and awareness regarding housing issues. LULAC promotes home ownership and foreclosure awareness among Hispanic Americans and advocates for more responsive housing legislation and regulations with the regard to the Hispanic community. LULAC conducts bilingual homeownership and foreclosure prevention and intervention seminars to educate Latino homeowners. Annual budget: $850,000.

LULAC Financial Literacy Project: This project provides training to Hispanic consumers about how to manage their finances and make prudent purchasing decisions. The project develops model training programs for helping members of the fastest growing consumer market to make wise financial decisions. LULAC utilizes a variety of bilingual training material and webinar training programs to equip local grassroots leaders with the tools needed to execute the financial literacy workshops in their communities. Annual budget: $120,000.

Latinos Living Healthy: The LULAC National Office advocates for policies and legislation, training, and public health education programs that improve the physical, behavioral, and mental health and well-being of Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico. LULAC has partnered with leading national Latino organizations in the Latinos United for Health Care campaign to advocate for significant reform that increases access to affordable, quality health coverage for all and makes significant progress in eliminating health disparities. LULAC’s health initiatives focus on health issues that affect Hispanics in higher percentages than the general population including insurance, prescription drugs, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, and AIDS. LULAC’s awareness programs and community health festivals educate Latino communities on health and wellness, promote physical activity and fitness, and feature health screenings. Annual budget: $250,000.

Immigration & Citizenship: The immigration and citizenship program assists individuals applying for U.S citizenship to complete their applications and to place them in citizenship classes. The program utilizes an 800 number for interested individuals to call for assistance and referral. The program also works closely with LULAC councils throughout the country to provide outreach to the immigrant community and set up citizenship and English classes when needed. Annual budget: $250,000.

LULAC Democracy Initiative: LULAC’s civic engagement initiative seeks to grow the understanding of the long-term connection between positive public policy, civic participation, and voting on Latino communities through issues advocacy thereby strengthening democratic participation in the United States. Civic engagement programs include: English language instruction, civic literacy courses, non-partisan voter registration efforts, and civic participation training. Participants are encouraged to volunteer in their local communities and dialogue about the successes and challenges in their cities to develop community-centric solutions to address community needs. A series of issue-based and educational workshops equip participants with comprehensive advocacy training, skills to engage their local, state, and national elected officials and interact with the media in order to increase their capacity as effective advocates for underserved Latino communities. Annual budget: $700,000.

Civil Rights Initiative: The National LULAC Civil Rights initiative raises the level of understanding and awareness regarding civil rights issues in education, housing, immigration, voting rights, employment, contracting, and lending opportunities. The LULAC Civil Rights project utilizes the LULAC Civil Rights Manual to host civil rights symposia which convene LULAC members, Hispanic civil right leaders, scholars, community members, government representatives and corporate representatives to develop strategies that advance the civil rights of Hispanic Americans. Annual budget: $150,000.

Workforce Anti-Discrimination Education Campaign: LULAC conducts outreach and education workshops aimed at educating employers, potential victims of discrimination, and the general public about their rights and responsibilities under the Immigration and Nationality Act’s anti-discrimination and employer sanctions provisions. LULAC feels that it is vital that the Latino community knows the laws that protect all work authorized individuals from national origin discrimination, unfair documentary practices relating to the employment eligibility verification process, and from employer retaliation. Annual budget: $60,000.

LULAC Youth and Young Adult Leadership Programs: LULAC Youth and Young Adult councils are provided with a model curriculum that equips middle school, high school, college students and young professionals with the leadership and career development skills to become America’s next leaders. The curriculum tailored to each group emphasizes community service, issue-based education, advocacy training, and skills to excel in education and career arenas. Top LULAC youth from across the country are selected and sponsored by LULAC Adult councils to attended one of three annual conferences—the Leadership Academy in Albuquerque, the LULAC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar in Washington, DC or the LULAC National Youth Convention. Annual budget: $250,000.

LULAC Summer Youth Leadership Conference: In partnership with U.S. Department of Energy, the LULAC Leadership Conference is a high school summer leadership camp that focuses on preparing young Latino students from across the United States as leaders for the future. Over two weeks, 50 students participate in educational events, seminars, and field trips investigating a selected group topic that students will write research reports and deliver final presentations. The program exposes students to college academic and social life and the program’s application process equips students with the skills need to applying for a higher education degree. Annual budget: $250,000

LULAC Youth & Young Adult Mural Projects: Each year in various cities throughout the United States, local middle and high school students, community role models from local high schools, colleges, universities, and LULAC Youth and Young Adult members work in a collaborate effort to paint four mural projects depicting positive images of Latino youth with messages of empowerment, education, and striving for success. Such art education projects become vehicles for team building, leadership development, and peer advising. The murals projects inspire local community members and are an excellent membership outreach opportunity for LULAC Youth and Young Adults councils. Annual budget: $60,000.

Environmental Sustainability and Green Jobs Training: LULAC offers award-winning youth leadership development and advocacy training conferences focused on the important issues involving energy security and environmental sustainability. Additionally, LULAC has positioned its network of 700 councils and 57 community technology centers to forge partnerships for workforce training and placement in high growth and emerging industries, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy & health care. LULAC’s strategy includes recruitment, placement, and a national PSA campaign in collaboration with local and national partners. Annual budget: $1,000,000.

Public Service: LULAC’s Hispanic representation programs seek to increase the number of Hispanics serving in appointed and career positions within the Federal government at all levels. LULAC has developed partnerships with the Federal Government to encourage increased recruitment, hiring and promotion of Hispanics in the public sector. LULAC’s signature Federal Training Institute (FTI) at the annual LULAC National Convention is an intensive and structured career development program for government and public sector employees. In partnership with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Development Center and the USDA Graduate School, the Federal Training Institute offers workshops and plenary sessions that enable mid- and senior level government employees to enhance their leadership skills and develop the Executive Core Qualifications required for entry to the Senior Executive Service. Each Friday of the week-long convention, the FTI Youth and Collegiate Federal Careers Exploration Forum offers a free funfilled, day-long event that showcases Federal career and employment opportunities available to high school, college and university students. Annual budget: $200,000

LULAC’s 50+ Initiatives: At the National Office, LULAC strongly advocates for programs and legislation to protect the quality of life of Latino seniors, for fair cost housing, transportation for those with special needs, in homecare, employment opportunities, and the reduction of elderly abuse and fraud. LULAC seeks a reduction of costly prescription drugs and a streamlining of Medicare prescription drug coverage. At the local level, LULAC programs like Project Amistad, partner with social service programs for the elderly and adults with disabilities to combat abuse, neglect, and exploitation as well as to provide escort and transportation services primarily to and from medical appointments. Additionally, LULAC offers educational seminars and advice on healthy living, retirement planning, and financial education in local communities across the country. Annual budget: $150,000.

LULAC’s Latina Leadership Initiative: empowers women from underserved Latino communities across the United States and Puerto Rico to raise their consciousness and enhance their ability to become leaders. The cutting edge culturally appropriate leadership development curriculum incorporates self-awareness, community service, social interaction, faith, cultural awareness, and advocacy training to improve the community well-being. Specific modules focus on issues such as health, education, “Beyond Budgeting - Investing in Your Financial Future,” career advancement skills, and domestic violence issues. The adaptable curriculum being developed is designed to be applicable in a variety of venues, including a 1-2 hours webinars, a day-long training, as well as modules that can be taught over a series of weeks. LULAC’s Leadership program enhances the continued training and learning opportunities that are offered to our volunteer members, community leaders, and non-profit partners. Annual budget: $150,000

Women’s Conference: The LULAC Women’s conference brings together women from across the country to develop leadership and employment programs for Hispanic women. The conference features workshops on conducting a job search, opportunities in higher education, advocacy training and Hispanic women’s health issues. Annual budget: $250,000.

LULAC National Veterans Initiative: LULAC offers many opportunities to connect with Latino veterans with our local councils or at our special events throughout the year. In particular at the LULAC National Convention a series of plenary meal events and opportunities to sponsor veterans workshops exist. These special events address issues of critical importance to U.S. veterans and their families. You can expect to hear from high-ranking government officials, political leaders, government experts, local elected officials, and respected business and community leaders. You can sponsor a seminars or workshop featuring expert panelists addressing the issues that affect our veterans the most, including access to benefits, education and employment opportunities, entrepreneurship and healthcare. Special plenary Veterans and Armed Services breakfast can be sponsored, which honor our nation’s bravest heroes. Annual budget: $250,000

LULAC National Housing Services: The LULAC Housing initiative raises the level of understanding and awareness regarding housing issues. LULAC promotes home ownership and foreclosure awareness among Hispanic Americans and advocates for more responsive housing legislation and regulations with the regard to the Hispanic community. LULAC conducts bilingual homeownership and foreclosure prevention and intervention seminars to educate Latino homeowners. Annual budget: $850,000.

LULAC News: LULAC publishes a quarterly magazine to keep the LULAC membership informed of the organization’s activities and to highlight the successes of the organization. In addition, the LULAC NEWS carries national and regional information about issues of importance to the Hispanic community. The magazine is mailed to all LULAC members and to other influential individuals. The cost of production is financed through advertisements placed in the publication. Annual budget: $150,000.

National Office—Washington, DC: LULAC has established a permanent national office in Washington, D.C. with a full time staff. This office coordinates implementation of LULAC's programs, impacts policy and legislation at the national level, and handles the day to day administration of the national organization. The staff also compiles issue briefs to keep the LULAC membership informed of important national legislative and policy initiatives. Annual budget: $1,784,620.

Executive Office—San Antonio, TX: The LULAC Executive Office houses the LULAC National President and staff. This office coordinates the National President's agenda, handles meetings, and coordinates LULAC activities. Annual budget: $785,000.

LULAC Regional Office—Sacramento, CA: The LULAC’s regional office in California advocates for the Hispanic community at the state level and handles constituency requests within the state and promotes LULAC’s community service programs on the West Coast. Our goal is to establish offices in LULAC’s six geographical regions in order to expand our direct service programs offered. Annual budget: $250,000.

LNESC Programs Overview

LULAC National Scholarship Fund: Managed and administered by LNESC, this scholarship program recognizes and rewards student achievement in the Hispanic community by awarding approximately a million dollars in scholarships each year. The program matches funds raised locally by LULAC councils with corporate dollars raised by LNESC to increase the impact of the scholarships. LNESC is able to increase the amount of money given in the name of sponsors by 140%. In 2004, 75 LULAC councils, representing 51 cities in 15 states, and 18 national corporations participated in the LNSF effort. Over the past 28 years, over $18 million dollars has been awarded to almost 28,000 students. Total yearly budget: $1,000,000. LNESC welcomes sponsors at all levels!

Young Readers: The Young Readers program encourages children to make reading a life-long habit. Twenty-five- thirty Kindergarten, first, and second graders meet twice weekly during the entire academic year. Reading sessions are enhanced by field trips. Games, treats and prizes help turn an educational experience into a fun activity kids look forward to week after week. LNESC will implement the Young Readers program in approximately 30 cities in 2010. Total yearly budget: $300,000. Per site cost: $12,000. LNESC can work with funders to establish new sites and to fund individual sites in line with funder’s strategic markets.

LNESC Upward Bound Programs: The goals of Upward Bound center around college preparedness. The program serves ninth and tenth graders that are classified as low-income or potential first-generation college students. The academic year component consists of instruction at the school site and a local community college while the summer component is a six-week summer camp at a local college campus. The program is administered in Albuquerque, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Puerto Rico. Total yearly budget: $1.7 million. Per center start-up cost: $200,000.

Science Corps: The Science Corps program is designed to encourage Hispanic middle school students to increase their interest in the fields of mathematics and science. Twenty middle school students meet weekly during the school year with a science facilitator who involves them in entertaining science oriented activities, takes them on field trips to interesting places where they can see science in action, and exposes them to role models in scientific fields. Each month has one of the branches of science as its theme. In addition, the science facilitator helps the students to sponsor science related events at their school. LNESC has implemented the Science Corps program in 6 cities across the US. Total yearly budget: $150,000. Per site cost: $15,000. LNESC can work with funders to establish new sites and to fund individual sites in line with funder’s strategic markets.

Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Program: The LNESC Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Program develops the leadership skills of Hispanic youth through the observation and analysis of social, economic, and political issues and the leaders who deal with those issues. In addition, the program engages the participants in a leadership project within their own community. The program currently operates in the following 6 cities Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Pueblo, Miami, and El Paso. Total yearly budget for all sites: $200,000. Per site cost: $12,000. LNESC can work with funders to establish new sites and to fund individual sites in line with funders strategic markets.

LULAC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar: Administered by LNESC, the LULAC Washington Youth Leadership Seminar is designed to provide students with an understanding of how our government works and to explore the current issues we face as a nation. Each October, 50 outstanding Hispanic high school juniors and seniors are selected to attend a three-day educational seminar in Washington, D.C. The seminar includes meetings with senators and congressional representatives, White House officials, corporate executives and other Washington professionals, and a tour of the city. Total yearly budget: $35,000.

Educational Centers: LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc. was established by the League of United Latin American Citizens to provide direct educational services to underserved communities throughout the U.S. & Puerto Rico. LNESC serves more than 11,000 students each year, providing educational counseling, scholarships, mentorships, leadership development, and literacy & technology programs through its network of 13 education centers. Since 1973, LNESC has assisted over 500,000 students, sent 140,000 of those on to college, and awarded over $20 million in scholarships.


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