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The Hispanic Immigrant Integration Project (HIIP)

The HIIP program helped this Texas student apply for DACA, which allowed her to receive her driver's license.


In partnership with Hispanic Federation, LULAC National, LULAC Councils, and allies provide various immigration services to community members through the Hispanic Immigrant Integration Program (HIIP). Grant recipients must implement a ten-month program that encompasses all of the following services:

  1. General outreach/education;
  2. ESL and/or American history/civic classes;
  3. Naturalization application assistance;
  4. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival application assistance;
  5. Family-based petition application assistance.

LULAC’s goal is to provide immigrant integration services to immigrants who have limited access to support systems and services.


Throughout our country's history, immigrants have contributed immensely to our culture, our economy, our defense and our national pride. Almost all citizens of the United States are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants and each new generation of immigrants has reinvigorated our nation with the values and work ethic that has made America great. Our common experience has demonstrated that immigration is good for America, whether your ancestors arrived before the Declaration of Independence or just a generation ago. Through a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation, LULAC in partnership with the Hispanic Federation (HF) has launched the Hispanic Immigrant Integration Project (HIIP). HIIP seeks to increase the availability of immigrant integration assistance programs available to low-income, immigrant, Spanish-dominant and otherwise underserved Latinos living in Arkansas, California, Illinois, and Texas.

More information will become available after December 14th regarding the 2015 program.

Request for Proposals

Click here to download the Hispanic Immigrant Integration Project Request for Proposal kit (PDF (format)

HIIP seeks to provide immigrant integration assistance programs to low-income, immigrant, Spanish-dominant and otherwise underserved Latinos living in California, Illinois, Texas and Washington, D.C. (DMV area including Maryland and Virginia).

    If you intend to apply for the program, please email Sindy Benavides, National Director of Civic Engagement, here with the name of your organization, LULAC Council number (if applicable), address, contact person, title, email address, and phone number by November 26, 2014.

      LULAC will host an RFP submission informational call on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Interested applicants can call (866) 364-1511, with call-in code 2028336130 to ask questions.

        Please submit an application proposal by email no later than midnight EDT on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 here. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email Sindy Benavides at or 202-833-6130.

For more information please contact Sindy Benavides here

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