Wildfires Relief Fund

The West is on fire and millions of Americans are in danger.

Across California, Oregon and Washington State, fast-moving flames are forcing families to get out fast, most leaving everything behind.

The images tell the story—millions of acres scorched, entire communities gone, their life’s work in ruins.

The survivors are grateful to be alive but they’re also scared. What now? Where will they go? Who will help? Where will they stay, eat, sleep and be safe?

For many, it’s just too much to think about and they’re simply parked somewhere along a desolate road, a lonely street or at an empty shopping center. They’re confused, waiting, unsure what to do next.

America, it’s up to us—ALL OF US—to reach out, look West and touch young and old alike, people just like us who are waiting for you and me.

We are a nation that makes the improbable, the possible and turn natural disasters into new opportunities that reflect how human kindness and caring can create a positive impact.

Donate now to #LULACHelps: Wildfires Relief Fund.

Let the fire victims know, we’re with them and that we as a nation care. JOIN US!

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