Fund for Families of Victims and Survivors of Mass Shootings

LULAC Needs Your Help for Families of Victims and Survivors of Mass Shootings

As the largest and oldest grassroots civil rights organization, LULAC is called to assist and support the communities like Uvalde, TX. Where 90 percent of the students of Robb Elementary School identify as Hispanics and more than four-fifths are economically disadvantaged, this community NEEDS our collective prayers, help, and support.

As a 501c3, 100% of the contributions are charitable and will go directly to the families of victims and survivors. At times of unimaginable pain, LULAC has been present to financially support communities through past tragedies like this and natural disasters.

Also you can send a check made out to LULAC Institute, Inc. Mail it to:
LULAC Institute, Inc
Attn: Lisa Smith/Mass Shootings Victims Fund
1133 19th St NW, Suite 1000,
Washington, DC 20036

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