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Climate Action

Thursday, September 2

2:40 PM ET


Building Back Better: Time for Climate Action

The impacts of climate change continue to harm, displace, and create instability in our communities and the time for action is now. As we move forward into a new era after COVID-19, how can governments, businesses and community leaders build resilient and sustainable communities. What is the current situation of the global fight against climate change and the needed action to achieve a net zero economy.Join in on the conversation where will discuss initiatives, bills, and solutions on how to ensure that the Latino community is not left behind. Taking action on climate change now will give us the opportunity to build a better future for our communities and environment! Join us in the Building Back Better: Time for Climate Action panel as a part of our Virtual Summit along with young activists, business leaders, and elected officials.

Featured Speaker


Esther Sosa, Project Manager, Environmental Defense Fund