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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Thursday, September 2

12:15 PM ET

National Stage-Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Why Latina Representation Matters

We are not a monolith! Latinas have embodied diversity of thought, actions, and interpersonal exchanges and continue to show great strength alongside our non-Latina peers. Our experiences as women of color help strengthen our companies when we are employed in executive and senior management echelons. Representation matters, but we want more: equal pay for equal work in all fields; in the office, in the state house, and in the White House. Learn more about the achievements and experiences of Latinas at work in this relevant panel discussion.

Featured Speaker


Cid Wilson, President & CEO, Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility


  • Gladys I. Cruz, Ph.D., District Superintendent, Questar III
  • Xochitl Leon, Senior Vice President, Head of Talent Acquisition National Partnerships & Programs, Wells Fargo