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Education Committee

Friday, September 3

2:50 PM ET


Erasing Latinos in Education

The American education system has progressed greatly through the decades becoming more inclusive in its teaching as time has gone on. However, there are still many existing barriers for minority students and the new debate over whether or not Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools is threatening to strengthen these barriers and destroy the progress that has been made in the education system. Banning Critical Race Theory from schools will impact students of color the most, worsening their already underrepresented and underserved educational experience. Students, especially Latinx students, have already been negatively impacted by the education system’s move to a remote learning environment during the pandemic. As preparations are being made to move back to in-classroom learning, conversations about education should be revolving around the transition, not about removing a vital part of education. Join us in the Higher Education Task Force Committee Workshop where we will be delving deeper into these topics and evaluating their significance and impact.

Featured Speaker


Bill Moreno, Director for Policy & Legislation, LULAC