National STEAM Day

Celebrate National STEAM Day with LULAC!

Each year on November 8th, LULAC celebrates National STEAM Day which recognizes the amazing fields and advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)! 
As technological breakthroughs continue to unfold, careers within the STEAM industries are among the fastest-growing and in-demand careers worldwide. Now more than ever, we see an increasing demand for leaders, trailblazers, and social innovators who are ready to step up and make an impact through STEAM. However, Latinos are one of the least represented ethnic minorities in the STEM industry, accounting for 16% of the U.S. workforce but only 7% of all STEM workers, reflecting the larger minority population gap in the STEM fields.
Increasing representation of Latinos in STEAM requires us to empower our future leaders from a young age. Join LULAC in bringing more STEAM activities and resources to the youth in your community and creating a pipeline for Latinos to pursue STEAM college degrees and careers.
STEAM programming has been a pillar of LULAC’s signature program offerings. Our innovative and immersive program models provide instruction, key learnings, career pathways exploration and mentorship to jumpstart interest in this ever-growing market.  
Download our free STEAM activities e-book to find an introduction to LULAC’s STEAM programs and immersive activities that are tailored to youth, educators, and families. Our hope is to introduce STEAM programming in a fun, educational, and impactful way.

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