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The situation at the border has now simmered to a boiling point, as America slowly learns more about the reasons for which over 55,000 children -most from Central America - have been crossing the U.S. - Mexico border into the U.S.

We've learned of some of the leading causes for this, but up in the air are still questions about what has slowly become a humanitarian crisis of previously unimaginable proportions in a country that has traditionally been the self-proclaimed "Nation of Immigrants."

To discuss what is actually going on along the border right now, what possible measures the U.S. can put in place to solve the crisis, and the initiatives being organized to help children and families going through the horrible situation:

  • Elianne Ramos, CEO of Speak Hispanic
  • +Dolores Huerta, Labor and Civil Rights Leader and co-Founder of the Border Kids Relief Project;
  • Wendy Young, President of Kids In Need of Defense organization (KIND)
  • Brent Wilkes, National Executive Director at the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

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