LULAC's Education Programs

The key to the doors of opportunity

Over the years, the quality of education for Latinos in the United States has progressively improved. However, there is still a vast need for refinement. Currently, it has become increasingly apparent that there are still socioeconomic barriers, obstacles, and challenges that resonate deeply in Latino communities. This is the reality for Latinos who are faced with challenges each day related to barriers in language, racial identity, and various other factors that influence the appropriate access to areas that affect the quality of life, especially within education.

Through key education program initiatives and strategic policy advocacy, LULAC is helping advance the educational attainment of Hispanics in the United States and Puerto Rico. LULAC's cornerstone education programs are increasing academic achievement, graduation rates, digital literacy skills, and higher education pursuance for students across the country.

Conexiones Program

LULAC, in partnership with T-Mobile, is empowering students to navigate the digital world through the Conexiones program. The curriculum provides participants with basic computer skills and explores how to navigate the internet in a safe and ethical way while developing their digital skills. Students will build the skills necessary to become more attractive potential employees in an ever-changing technology landscape and job market.
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Ford Driving Dreams Grants Program

The Ford Driving Dreams Grants program, a collaboration of Ford Motor Company Fund and LULAC, aims to stimulate STEAM academic achievement, on-time high school completion, and college enrollment through localized solutions. The program provides LULAC Councils and their educational partners the tools to promote academic readiness, leadership, parent engagement, and community service to build stronger communities.

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Latina LEADS Program

LULAC and Spectrum, part of Charter Communications, Inc., have partnered for the Latina LEADS (Leadership Entrepreneurship Academia Development Series) program. This robust and impactful program for Hispanic middle school-aged girls aims to increase their exposure to STEAM fields through workshops, interactive STEAM activities, keynote speakers, job shadowing, academic and career guidance, and more. The program curriculum features lessons in technology, engineering, cybersecurity, and broadcasting.
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Youth Educational Enrichment Series Program

With the support of Verizon, LULAC’s Youth Educational Enrichment Series (YE​ES) program is inspiring students aspiring to enter careers in STEAM. The 10-month online series enrichment program features STEAM-focused workshops, academic and career counseling, essential life skills, and leadership development activities. The program exposes students to Verizon volunteer role models through webinars and coaching activities.
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