AutoSmarts Program

A program to educate Hispanic consumers about the car buying process including negotiating the best price on new and used cars and how to avoid undisclosed mark-ups with dealer financing.

DO's and good practices

  • Examine your needs rather than your wants.
  • Establish a realistic monthly payment that will fit into your budget.
  • Research before going to the showrooms.
  • Estimate the long-term ownership costs.
  • Check the internet.
  • Schedule an appointment for a test drive.
  • During the test drive, drive the car in both stop-and-go traffic and at freeway speeds. Spend enough time really looking at it.
  • Drive other types of cars at other dealerships.

DO NOT'S and bad practices

  • Don't be rushed. Don't leap at the first "good deal'' you see. Take your time and check all details carefully. There will always be another good deal.
  • Don't forget local dealers. They may beat any price you dig up on the Internet.
  • Don't buy sight unseen. Make a personal, up-close examination of the vehicle before agreeing to take delivery.
  • Don't pay for dealer extras you don't need. These can include rust proofing, extended-service warranties, paint sealant, and fabric protection.


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