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Immigration Story Collection

LULAC values the voices of our ancestors, family members, and those who have helped pave the way in searching for equity and equality for all. With the fearless spirit of taking a chance for their future generations and a better life in mind, they started the journey. Everyone’s story is unique and LULAC wants to highlight the stories that have helped shape our lives.  

LULAC is creating a month long campaign to bring awareness to the challenges our familias have faced in order to build a better future for those who follow. The goal of collecting the stories and experiences from our community and offering a platform to those whose pasts have led in creating the America we know today. In aims to amplify and uplift the voices in nuestra comunidad in collecting stories from Hispanics all over the United States who immigrated in search for the "American Dream".

Share your story today to help create a background to the United States of America whose foundation is founded on immigrants, their hard work, and the decisions that have led to them to achieve their “American Dream”.

There's still time to share YOUR Immigration Story!

Sindy Benavides

"Sindy Marisol Benavides is a Honduran-American immigrant who has experienced the American dream, and now devotes her career to public service, ensuring that countless young people, women, and immigrants have the same opportunity." To read more, click on Sindy's picture!

Juan Manuel Ruiz

It's a new way of life. "I fell in love with the USA and its ideals. I became interested in not only learning the language but to understand its ideologies, culture, politics, and modus vivendi." - Juan Manuel Ruiz. To read more, click on Juan's picture!

Yoger Aguilar

"Yoger and his mother bought a roundtrip from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, Florida but encountered a challenge when Venezuelan federal officials did not want to allow them to board any flight out of the country." To read more, click on Yoger's picture!

Maria Caraveo

"Many times things didn't feel fair and people made me feel less because I may have been working a lower paying job or people made me feel like I didn't deserve respect." To read more, click on Maria's picture!

Ivan Quintana

"It is absolutely terrifying and nerve-wracking to leave the life that you have always known, and the people that love you for the promise of a better life". To read more, click on Ivan's picture!

Maria Segari

"I try as much as I can to encourage young people and immigrants to never give up, the American Dream is alive! I AM the example that hard work always pays off". To read more, click on Maria's picture!

Danitza Garcia James

"The events of September 11, 2001 completely changed the course of my career and the reason for me joining the military. I joined for the college tuition opportunity but ended up deploying to Iraq twice.." To read more, click on Danitza's picture!


"When I married we rented a room in a city, I stopped being a seamstress and worked at a tortilladora earning the equivalent of $20 per week." To read more, click on this person's picture!

Frania Navarro

"I was born in Jalisco, Mexico where I lived for 4 years before moving to the United States. My parents were very young, my mother had only just turned 18 and my father 21 at the time." To read more, click on Frania's picture!