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Charmaine McGuffey

Sheriff, Hamilton County, Ohio

Charmaine McGuffey

Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey is a 33-year veteran of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and has held the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major prior to being elected Sheriff in November 2020. Sheriff McGuffey is the highest ranking woman in the history of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff McGuffey was born and raised in Cincinnati, growing up in Price Hill. By the time she was 14, she knew she wanted to be a Police Officer. She graduated from Western Hills High School and entered the Criminal Justice program at the University of Cincinnati, even though at the time, women were not allowed to be uniformed patrol officers. Fortunately, that changed by the time Sheriff McGuffey graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She then joined the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in 1983.

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Saturday, April 17

1:45 PM EST

Session Three: Immigration and Racial Profile

How do we ensure accountability to address racial bias in our broken immigration system? LULAC Ohio Virtual Summit will bring together State and National leaders to discuss important topics that affect Black and Brown communities.

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