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Renee MaHaffey-Harris

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Health Gap

Renee MaHaffey-Harris

Renee Mahaffey Harris is a committed advocate for the underserved and marginalized populations in Greater Cincinnati and the region. She started her journey in eliminating health disparities with the Health Gap in 2008 and is now the President and Chief Executive Officer. Harris leads The Health Gap in its mission to lead the efforts to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities through advocacy, education, and community outreach. During her tenure at The Health Gap, Harris has co-led the creation of the Food Desert Task Force, jointly implemented the City of Cincinnati Health In All Policy, and launched several groundbreaking community-based health initiatives including the Black Women’s Health Movement.

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Saturday, April 17

12:35 PM EST

Session Two: Health Equity for All

What does Health equity look like? The LULAC Ohio Virtual Summit will bring together State and National leaders to discuss what it means to Black and Brown communities in policy and in practice.

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