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LULAC Ohio’s Virtual Summit brought together leaders from various sectors to discuss issues of priority to the Latino community nationwide. The summit’s focus this year was on The Black and Brown Agenda: Reaching Common Ground for Equality, Solidarity, and Intersections-Equity for All. LULAC Ohio featured four panel discussions throughout the day to discuss important issues impacting Latinos: Education, Health, Immigration, and Labor Worker Rights. The summit also provided government officials, advocacy leaders, and community members the opportunity to connect and discuss efforts to drive change at the state and national level.

Education Equity for All

Ever wonder what the race/ethnicity breakdown of students and faculty looks like for each and every community college district in the state? Look no further! EdInsights published this data in a report titled California Community College District: race/ethnicity of students and faculty. The data for the 73 community college districts show that in Fall 2019 nearly 60 percent of faculty are white, while 71 percent of students are from other racial and ethnic backgrounds, including Latino, Black, Asian, and Native American.

In addition, the LUALC Education Equity SubCommittee is sharing their resources and documents folder that can be found by clicking HERE.  

  • LULAC Ohio has also included links to:
  • COLEGAS: Webinar Recordings can be found HERE.
  • COLEGAS webinar from August 13, 2020 - Latinx in Solidarity with BLM Recording can be found HERE. and Powerpoint PDF can be found HERE.  
  • COLEGAS & Canada College conversation on  January 28th, 2020 with Dr. Cornel West and Rick Najera and can be found HERE.

Health Equity for All

Available soon.

Immigration & Racial Profile

LULAC Ohio shares the following resources from the Summit:

  • Jane Elliot - Brown eyes Blue eyes video can be found HERE.
  • Jane Elliot Blasts - Attacks On NFL Players, Dividing The Nation can be found HERE. 
  • Race, the Power of an Illusion can found HERE.

Labor Worker Rights & Civil Rights Protections

Available soon.

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