Opportunities to Prevent Voter Intimidation on Election Day


With only a few days left before Election Day, knowing your voting rights may help prevent voter intimidation and voter suppression. Election laws vary by state, so make sure you have the documentation required to vote in your state. The following links can help you check your voter registration status, polling location, and state ID requirements in order to ensure that you are prepared to vote on Tuesday, November 8th:


LULAC is offering a variety of opportunities to help combat voter suppression and intimidation on November 8th. Get involved by taking part in one of the following:

1) Volunteer in our bilingual VE-Y-VOTA call center. LULAC and the NALEO Educational Fund will be taking calls from voters on Monday, November 7th and Tuesday, November 8th at call centers in Washington, DC and California. Click here to learn more and register to be a volunteer.

Click here to volunteer at another VE-Y-VOTA hotline location outside of Washington, DC or California.

2) Volunteers are needed at local voting precincts for three hours on Election Day to assist voters who may need language assistance. Voters are allowed to bring one volunteer to help them vote. A volunteer can be a family member, neighbor, or community advocate. Click here to volunteer as a language assistant and register with LULAC to assist voters who may be limited in English.

3) If you witness voter intimidation at your polling location, please contact the 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682) bilingual hotline immediately to report the issue. Issues may include refusing to offer someone a provisional ballot or preventing someone from voting. Click here to learn more about voter intimidation and election protection.


For more information regarding the information provided above, please call Sindy Benavides or Edna Degollado at 202-833-6130 or email Vote@LULAC.org.

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