LULAC Condemns Trump's Incendiary Remarks on the Ethnicity of Judge Gonzalo Curiel

June 7, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha, Jr. issued the following statement regarding racist comments made against Southern California federal district judge, Gonzalo Curiel, by Donald Trump. The Southern California federal district judge is currently presiding over two class action lawsuits filed by former students against Trump University for using predatory marketing practices to sell worthless real estate classes.

"Claiming a member of the judiciary cannot preside over certain cases because of his race or ethnicity epitomizes racism and is a slap in the face to minority judges across the country. Our three branches of government work independently from each other to run our system of government in an efficient, effective manner, and to suggest that ethnicity or race be used to demand a judicial recusal is not only xenophobic, but threatens the notion of an independent judicial branch.

"It is worth pointing out that Judge Curiel was born in the United States, raised in Indiana and has an extensive record of public service. He is as much of an American as Donald Trump and does not deserve to have his integrity and reputation put at issue in order to serve Donald Trump's political and financial interests.

"Trump’s attempts to disparage and discredit Judge Curiel through his racist comments must not succeed. His attempt to recuse Judge Curiel based on ethnicity effectively turns our merit-based system on its head. Sadly, in Trump's world, one’s ability to perform a task is not based on merit or qualifications, but instead on race and ethnicity—such is not the American way."


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