President Rosa Rosales re-elected for a fourth term.

National President receives unanimous support nationwide.

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July 18th - San Juan, PR - The League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest and largest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country overwhelmingly voted for LULAC National President Rosa Rosales today at the LULAC general assembly and election of officers in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the conclusion of the convention.

“I am very humbled and appreciative to have won for my fourth term by acclamation for National President of LULAC, the greatest Latino organization in the nation to include Puerto Rico of volunteer grassroots members, who have dedicated their lives to ensure a better quality of life for all,” said LULAC National President Rosa Rosales.

“I am honored to be selected to represent the Southeast region and will do my best to serve the people,” said Vice President for the Southeast Yvonne Quinones who is from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Together we can make a difference. Let’s take care of our youth and our young adults. Thank you for your support, “said LULAC National VP for the Southwest Sylvia Gonzalez. “I will make a difference along with your participation. Let’s forget about the animosity and focus on the issues of the community. Lets respect our LULAC prayer. Let us prove ourselves. Be glad to be of service to others and our community and, most importantly excel.”

“I am a firm believer in the principles of Democracy, social justice, and economic empowerment for all. I will keep advocating and protecting the agenda of the woman in leadership and inclusion in all aspects of society,” said Vice President of Women Regla Gonzalez.

“To all my brothers and sisters I thank you very much for the honor given to me to serve one more year. I stand in solidarity with Puerto Rico and its causes,” said LULAC Vice President for the Northeast Toula Politis Lugo.

“Thank you for having that confidence in me. Today we are all winners and will all work together. Unidos en el Midwest,” said LULAC Vice President for the Midwest Maggie Rivera.

“The position of Vice President for the Elderly empowers me to work with AARP and President Obama’s administration on elderly issues,” said LULAC Vice President for the Elderly Lidia Martinez. I look forward to the challenges to assist the elderly in low affordable housing, comprehensive health and lower prescription drugs.”

“The LULAC youth are the fastest growing in the nation. I am honored to have been selected to a third-term. The youth energize me and have a passion to continue their education and be active in the community,” said LULAC National Vice President for Youth Berta Urteaga.

“I believe in LULAC and in the membership. Working together all the young adults around the state will make the change and will take LULAC’s platform to the next level,” said LULAC Vice President for Young Adults Michelle Pelayo-Osorio. “Thank you for all your support and we will work together.”

“I am deeply humbled and honored to be honored to be entrusted with the finances of this wonderful organization,” said LULAC National Treasurer Roger Rocha. “I will work diligently to ensure that we have funding for our important programs in civil rights and education.

“The youth you see today are our leaders of the future. This is my third year. I will continue to work hard,” said Youth President Jessica Martinez.

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