Celebrate What It Means to be a Nueva Latina!

LULAC Encourages its LULAC Women to Embrace their Latina Identity as a Nueva Latina

Celebrate your Latina identity with LULAC and Orgullosa as a Nueva Latina, the newest campaign that celebrates the pride and unique undeniable bond Latinas share with one another.


Orgullosa's Nueva Latina initiative is a first-of-its-kind platform that empowers Latinas to define what it means to be a bicultural, modern Latina by capturing real-life voices, stories and experiences solicited from the community.

A Nueva Latina carries a unique story made up of rich history, blended cultures and aspirations. She is the face and reflection of the past, present and future. And as a Nueva Latina, she knows that she is leading the way in changing the face of America.


LULAC is excited to once again work with Orgullosa on this powerful campaign! Orgullosa partnered with talented Latina writer and director, Linda Nieves-Powell, to create the Nueva Latina monologues, five engaging and heartfelt monologues that showcase the many different struggles and triumphs Latinas face while trying to find balance between their American and Latino cultures.

While the U.S. Latina experience is vast and broad, the Nueva Latina Monologues reflect topics and themes that many bicultural women could identify and rally behind such as: the blending of two cultures, balancing family expectations and traditions, sustaining language, and breaking Latino cultural idiosyncrasies and stereotypes.

Together, we celebrate the third installment in the series: “American Me, Latina Me.” This monologue introduces the protagonist, Isabel, who quite literally comes face to face with her two cultures and decides that she needs both to be who she truly is, live life fully and achieve her dreams in life. As Latinas in the U.S. we can’t deny we have the best of BOTH worlds! Nueva Latinas are leading the way in changing the face of America. To empower Nueva Latinas to lead with an education, during the month of April, Orgullosa is donating $1 for every new Facebook LIKE to a scholarship fund for Latino students, up to $20,000. You too can also help make a difference!

Orgullosa is also providing exclusive online access on a staggered schedule to the Nueva Latina Monologues via its Orgullosa Facebook page that will be supported by key activations to mobilize participation. Over the next three months, join Orgullosa in the virtual fun:

  • Facebook chats
  • Celebrity partnerships
  • Twitter party and giveaways
  • Sweepstakes

To learn more about the Nueva Latina campaign and watch the five part monologue series, visit and LIKE the Orgullosa Facebook page! http://bitly.com/1hHSItP

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