It’s Time to Stop Wasting Time – The Hispanic Community Needs for Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

October 17, 2013

Contact: Paloma Zuleta
PZuleta at, (202) 812-4477

Washington, D.C. - With the government shutdown and debt ceiling crises temporarily set aside, Congress now has time to answer the public mandate for commonsense immigration reform. This legislation would bolster our economy, reform the immigration system so that families can be together, and create an earned path to citizenship for 11 million people now in the country without documents. Below is a statement from Brent Wilkes, executive director for LULAC.

“For months leading to the government shutdown, our elected officials have wasted time when they should have focused on issues important to the American people, first and foremost passing comprehensive immigration reform. Over the last 16 days, our economy has taken a $24 billion hit and our standing around the world has been compromised. In addition, the American people lost faith in Congress’ ability to work for the wellbeing of the country.

As the President mentioned, Congressional action on a farm bill, a balanced budget, and immigration reform will bring real benefit to the economy and restore the people’s faith in our system of government.

“LULAC calls upon Congress to stop the political brinksmanship and make immigration reform a top legislative priority.

GOP members of the House of Representatives have the opportunity to either be the party of immigration reform or the party that essentially signed away the Latino vote and severed ties with the Hispanic community for years to come."

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