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Nov 7, 2012

Latino Voters Project Electoral Strength Across the Nation

Before the election, LULAC and our partners had predicted that a record 12 million Latino voters would cast their ballots in the 2012 Presidential race and, based upon exist polling, our prediction has been validated.

Nov 6, 2012

Voter Empowerment for Tomorrow

As Latinos we must exercise our right to vote and make our voices heard on the critical issues that impact our community...

Oct 31, 2012

Leading Latino Organizations Celebrate Birthday of SSI & Call for Program to be Updated and Strengthened

The Latinos for a Secure Retirement coalition (LSR) has joined the National Senior Citizen Law Center (NSCLC) to call for needed updates to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. SSI was signed into law 40 years ago on Oct. 30th, 1972 by President Richard Nixon to provide subsistence-level income to low income people over the age of 65 or with severe disabilities.

Oct 23, 2012

Líderes Latinos Nacionales Anuncian Campaña de Aglutinamiento de Votantes y Asistencia Electoral para la Elección Presidencial en la Florida

El martes, 23 de octubre, líderes latinos nacionales representando al Movimiento Hispano – coordinado por la Federación Hispana, la Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC), y el Consejo Laboral para el Avance de los Latinoamericanos (LCLAA) – anunciaron sus esfuerzos dirigidos a conseguir y aglutinar los votantes hispanos en la Florida para las elecciones presidenciales.

Oct 23, 2012

National Latino Leaders Announce Florida Voter Turnout & Assistance Campaign for Presidential Election

National Latino leaders representing Movimiento Hispano – coordinated by Hispanic Federation, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) – announced efforts aimed at turning out Florida’s Hispanic voters for the upcoming Presidential Election.

Oct 20, 2012

LULAC Sponsors Mariachi Corazon de San Antonio and Feria de Salud in San Antonio, Texas

In support of its health education initiative, Latinos Living Healthy with the support of Walmart, the health festival gathered over 3,000 people from across San Antonio for a variety of fun physical activity, access to nutritious and affordable foods and entertainment by Trio Ellas and Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández.

Oct 4, 2012

LULAC Galvanizes Community on Comprehensive Immigration Reform with Immigration Summit on Capitol Hill

Today, on Capitol Hill LULAC held an immigration summit that included a plenary discussion along with a series of strategy sessions where 200 attendees, policy leaders, community advocates engaged in a robust dialogue. The sessions also produced recommendations for ensuring the immigration, asylum, and naturalization processes respect the dignity of the individual, and reflect our nation’s commitment to human and civil rights.

Oct 2, 2012

The Nation’s Leading Latino Advocacy Groups Discuss Recent Voter Empowerment and Registration Efforts

Today, Hispanic advocacy groups provided an update on their joint efforts to register new voters and turn out a record-setting 12 million Latino voters in the November 2012 elections.

Oct 2, 2012

LULAC Applauds Court’s Decision to not Enforce PA Voter ID Law for 2012 Election

Today, the Commonwealth Court in Pennsylvania blocked the state from enforcing the new voter ID law thereby temporarily postponing the voter identification requirement until after the election.

Oct 2, 2012

LULAC Acclaims the Establishment of César E. Chávez National Monument in California

LULAC supports the decision by the Obama Administration to designate the California home of labor leader César E. Chávez as a national monument for the world renowned migrant leader who pioneered the struggle for labor rights in the United States.

Sep 25, 2012

LULAC Celebrates National Voter Registration Day and Calls the Latino Community to Vote

LULAC Voter Registration Campaign: The Future is in Your Hands: Vote!

Sep 13, 2012

LULAC Partners with Cable Industry to Pay Tribute to Influential Hispanics with On Demand Programming

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, LULAC is again partnering with the cable television industry to pay tribute to the powerful and positive influence of Hispanics in America by shining a spotlight on compelling Hispanic-themed programming and movies. This is the second year for the partnership’s Hispanic Heritage On Demand initiative.

Sep 13, 2012

LULAC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by Paying Tribute to our Diverse Membership Organization

Submit your unique family history - how did your family settle in the U.S.? Profiles along with photographs submitted will be captured in the next edition of the LULAC News. Also, each week a story will be shared with our membership.

Sep 5, 2012

LULAC Launches Membership Initiative Focused on College Latino Students

The LULAC Collegiate Initiative Aims to Build 10,000 Latino College Student Members

Aug 28, 2012

LULAC Applauds the Decision of the Three Judge Federal District Court

Today, the three judges of the Federal District Court, in Washington DC, unanimously declared that the Texas Congressional plan drawn by a Republican Texas Legislature would have a discriminatory and retrogressive impact against minorities and affirmed that all three maps, the Congressional, State House of Representatives, and the State Senate, to be in violation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

Aug 28, 2012

LULAC Lauds Decision by Federal Court Striking Down Texas Voter ID Law, Finding that the Law Restricts the Voting Rights of Minorities

Today, a Federal Court struck down the Texas voter ID law, noting that in Texas, minority voters are more likely to be poor and face a greater burden in order to comply with the photo ID requirement.

Aug 28, 2012

LULAC aplaude la decisión del tribunal federal

Hoy el tribunal federal en Washington DC dictaminó que los nuevos mapas de votación que dibujó la Legislatura Republicana de Tejas contienen discriminación y retrogresión contra las minorías. El tribunal afirmó que los tres mapas, los del Congreso, de la Cámara de Diputados del Estado de Tejas, y del Senado del Estado de Tejas, violan la Quinta Sección de la ley federal Derecho del Voto.

Aug 28, 2012

LULAC se anima por la decisión del tribunal federal que deroga la ley de identificación electoral en Texas, diciendo que la ley restringe los derechos electorales de las minorías

Hoy, un tribunal federal derogó la ley de identificación de Texas, diciendo que en Texas los votantes que son minorías son más probables de ser pobres y de enfrentar una carga más grande en cumplir con el requisito de identificación fotográfica. La ley restringe los derechos electorales de las minorías.

Aug 22, 2012

LULAC Supports Blocking of Anti-Immigrant Laws

LULAC supports the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to block most of Alabama and Georgia’s anti-immigrant laws since they would support a state-sponsored culture of blatant intolerance that would criminalize immigrants. Read more to find details.

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