Discriminatory Game Quelled by Texas Collegiate LULAC Council

November 21, 2013

Contact: Paloma Zuleta, pzuleta at lulac.org, (202) 812-4477

Washington, D.C. – Earlier this week, Collegiate LULAC Councils successfully organized a peaceful demonstration against an offensive game organized by a conservative group at the University of Texas in Austin. The game involved designating certain people as “illegal immigrants” and provided for prizes to other students who “captured” them.

The councils’ successful demonstration was joined by more than 4000 participants who stood in solidarity with the 11 million undocumented people and the 400 undocumented students at the University of Texas.

As a result of the national response and because of efforts by pro-immigration students, the Young Conservatives Chapter was unsuccessful in their efforts to hold their “to catch an illegal immigrant” game. The hateful antics by the Young Conservative Chapter at the University of Texas sparked a national response protesting the deplorable activities.

“The pro-immigration students moved quickly and efficiently calling on the President of the University, the System Chancellor and the Board of Regents Chairman to stop the offensive activity,” said LULAC National President Margaret Moran. “We all recognize that the game was not an expression of free speech but instead a demonstration of hate speech. We are gratified that the game was ultimately canceled.”

The young pro-immigrant students urged everyone attending the demonstration to wear a white t-shirt with the words "undocumented." The demonstration included educational speakers and undocumented Longhorn students who shared their personal stories.

“The Mexican American culture is a deep rooted part of Texas history and although the game was eventually cancelled it demonstrates nonetheless the racist sentiments that in today’s Texas are much too prevalent,” said LULAC Executive Director Brent Wilkes. “We recognize that this was a sad day for the students and faculty who perhaps never thought that this level of hate would ever penetrate their beautiful campus. We are very proud of our young LULAC leaders who wasted no time in organizing a demonstration that resembled true American values and we know that with these young people at the helm our country will move in the right direction."

The Longhorn LULAC Council swiftly organized against racism earlier this week.

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