ACTION ALERT: Help Stop Senator Ayotte’s (R-NH) Amendment that Threatens Well-Being of 4 Million Latino Children

Help Stop Those who Wish to Punish Latino Children in Working Families who Use an ITIN to Pay their Federal Taxes

Today, the Senate will be voting on amendments to a bill that would drastically impact a working-family’s ability to access the Child Tax Credit. Specifically, the amendment would prevent a family, who uses an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), from accessing the Child Tax Credit. Over 80% of the families that would be affected by such changes are Latino and 4 million are Latino children.

Your Action is Needed!

LULAC National President Moran has already sent her letter to the Senate. Now it's your turn to contact your Senator. Urge your Senators to vote AGAINST any measure that prevents working-families who use an ITIN from accessing the Child Tax Credit.

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