Trump Order Of Federal Agents To Cities Pushes Justice Aside

Nation’s Leading Latino Civil Rights Organization Says White House Actions Are Illegal

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) said Wednesday it denounces the deployment of federal agents to cities across the country.

“In a democracy, police with no identification in unmarked cars do not abduct innocent people exercising their freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution to peacefully protest,” says Domingo Garcia, National President. “He can’t send soldiers so instead, he sends border patrol agents who are dressed in military uniforms swinging clubs, pepper-spraying and making illegal abductions,” he added.

President Trump announced Wednesday he is ordering agents to Chicago, Illinois and Albuquerque, New Mexico from the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), U.S. Marshals Service and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This follows similar action already in Portland, Oregon and Kansas City, the latter under the authority of Attorney General William Barr. President Trump said Wednesday he intends to expand what he calls his “surge” into American cities, the same word used by military leaders in the war against insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“These are unprecedented times in our nation,” says Sindy Benavides, LULAC National Chief Executive Officer. “Not only are we facing the pain of loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which has exalted a heavy toll among our Latino communities, which are experiencing the highest rate of infections and deaths. Now, we face the pain caused by fear and uncertainty as we see for the first time in the lifetimes of many, brutal and violent tactics sanctioned against American citizens in a shameful display for the world to see. This is not a dictatorship and we will not be silent when our democracy is being shattered single-handedly by one Administration” she added.

“Ours is a nation where freedom of speech and freedom of expression, civic engagement and peaceful demonstrations are the fabric of our society,” says Juan Carlos Valle, Oregon LULAC Interim State Director. “The infringement upon such rights by the federal government violates our civil rights granted by the constitution. Our Portland community is calling for a thorough review of police reforms and law enforcement oversight systems with independent investigators for police and law enforcement misconduct. Also, we demand transparent and independent verification of a police auditor and ethnic racial and indigenous community representation on police commissions and civilian review boards. To build trust, there must be an end to the qualified immunity for police officers while police chiefs and campus public safety officials hold their subordinates accountable,” he adds.


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