LULAC Calls on the House of Representatives To Support Clean Department of Homeland Security Funding Bill

March 3, 2015

Paloma Zuleta

Washington, D.C.—Today, Brent Wilkes, LULAC National Executive Director, issued the following statement regarding Speaker John Boehner’s decision to allow a vote without limitations. Specifically, the House of Representatives will vote on a bill that will not include any immigration provisions. LULAC supports passage of this bill and calls on the Members of the House of Representatives to pass this critical legislation.

“After three weeks of stalled negotiations between the Senate and House of Representatives, Speaker Boehner is demonstrating leadership today by allowing a clean vote on the Senate version of the DHS funding bill for fiscal year 2016. The Senate version of the bill does not include any of the extreme and unnecessary policy riders designed to prohibit implementation of President Obama’s immigration-related administrative actions.

“Funding one of our nation’s critical agencies charged with protecting our borders, securing our airports and ensuring the safety of our nation against terrorist attacks is a national imperative. By allowing a vote on this important legislation, Speaker Boehner has heeded the calls of both Democrats and of moderate Republicans. In addition, Speaker Boehner has put the safety of our nation before party politics.

“LULAC strongly opposes any provisions that aim to reverse the President’s executive orders which allow for temporary relief from deportation to millions of undocumented people. In recent weeks, LULAC activated its 135,000 members across the country to make calls, send emails, and meet with their Member of Congress to express opposition to efforts that prohibit implementation of DACA and DAPA. It is gratifying to know that our concerns have been heard.”


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