LULAC Urges Breaking Quorum As Texas House Speaker Issues Arrest Warrants

Nation’s Largest and Oldest Latino Civil Rights Organization Tells Democratic Lawmakers to Stay Away Even as Texas Supreme Court Rules for Detention

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued the following statement late Tuesday as the Texas House Speaker issued arrest warrants for 52 House Democrats. On Monday, the Texas Senate Republicans passed Senate Bill 1 which will significantly change voting laws in the state. The measure which now goes to the Texas House would require that voters provide their driver’s license number or the last four numbers on their Social Security card if they vote by mail. Anyone helping them fill out their ballot, other than family members, would be required to provide identification and disclose if they are working for a political candidate. Also, the Republican lawmakers support allowing partisan observers inside polling places, tabulation areas and observing drive-up voters if the voter is disabled. Other, non-disabled voters would be banned from using drive-through voting facilities and 24-hour voting would be stopped. Republicans also want video surveillance cameras used in areas where votes are being counted and software that monitors how machines are operating within counties with more than 100,000 residents. Opponents say the new election requirements are designed to be used for disputing election outcomes when not favorable to Republicans.

Domingo Garcia - LULAC National President
“LULAC is determined to stop the relentless attacks on our Latino and minority voters in Texas. The working people of this state should be afforded the same opportunities to lawfully cast their ballots without repeated voter suppression laws every two years. We are supporting all those who believe the right to vote, and our freedoms should not be rigged by Republicans elites and their one percent lobbyists. One person, one vote. LULAC will challenge in the federal courts any infringements of Texans’ right to vote. Last week I personally asked President Biden at the White House to apply the full power and authority of the Department of Justice to support voting rights.”

Linda Chavez – LULAC National Board Member and Vice-President of the Southwest
“I have been a staunch and active supporter and mentor to women who are now very crucial in this fight for justice, and it is very gratifying to see them rise up now against this dark and dangerous threat. They have stood strong and shoulder to shoulder with other great civil rights champions as we witnessed in the 1960’s and every decade since. We know this road well because we have traveled it before. Hispanic women of Texas crying out for justice will not be stopped.”

Rodolfo Rosales, Jr. - Texas LULAC State Director
“Texas LULAC members, our legal advisers, and countless allies have marched on the Capitol in Austin and in Washington in this historic fight to secure the rights earned over many decades. Calling a second special session in Texas just shows how Governor Abbott and his supporters are against communities of color having the same right they do. We call on every reasonable Texan to join us in this fight for liberty. It is understandable why representatives are breaking quorum.”


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