LULAC Tells CNN More Latinos Needed In Biden Cabinet

Nation’s Leading Latino Civil Rights Organization Expresses Disappointment and Highlights Importance of Diversity

Washington, DC - Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President tells CNN in an interview released today that a Biden “...Cabinet that looks like America, it's going to reflect America's values and it's going to make America stronger.”

Garcia was interviewed for What Matters, a series for CNN Politics. The story is entitled: “Building a Cabinet that looks like America is harder than it looks”. In it, Garcia sets out the reasons why LULAC is urging President Biden and his transition team to take a fresh, close-up look at the voting clout of Latinos across America.

Garcia tells CNN Reporter Zachary Wolf, “Right now, I'm still a little disappointed we haven't seen more diversity.” LULAC urges the President-elect to ensure that his kitchen cabinet, secretaries, and top officials reflect our nation including our growing Latino community as well as Black, Native American, and AAPI communities that paved the way to the White House.

When asked about breaking the two-Latino threshold in the Obama Cabinet, Garcia reminds President-Elect Biden’s team, “We made a crucial difference and elected him in Arizona and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. And so there needs to be a remembering who brought you to the dance kind of concept with the Biden team.” LULAC has formally sent a letter requesting that at least 5 Hispanic Americans be considered for the various Cabinet seats.

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