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March 29, 2023
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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Honors Loyal Service Where More than 58,000 Americans Died In a Conflict that Ceased May 29, 1973

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) pauses to stand, salute, and remember its brave soldiers. March 29 is National Vietnam Veterans Day, and LULAC honors those who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War. Fifty years ago, the United States Military Assistance Command-Vietnam (MACV) was disestablished, and the last U.S. combat troops departed. This date is also recognized as the day that Hanoi released the last prisoners of war. LULAC remembers all our Vietnam Era Veterans and honors their service to our country. The names on this page are of a handful of Vietnam Era Veterans who are members of LULAC who served between 1965 and 1973.

• Leonard Gonzalez, Sgt, United States Air Force, 1972–1980, Security & Human Resources, Council 3274 California – National LULAC Veterans Committee
• Anthony J. Noriega, Sgt - United States Army, 1964 -1967, Radio Relay Operator, Council 3274 – California – California LULAC Veterans Committee
•Joe Noriega, SSgt – United States Marine Corps, 1971 -1975, Unit Leader, Council 3274 – California
• Gilberto Flores, United States Air Force, 1964-1965, Airlift Control Specialist, Council 3274, California
• Genaro Lanausse, Sgt – United States Army, 1965 – 1969, Infantry, Council 4993 San Antonio, Texas
• Gilbert V Rodriguez, Command Sgt Major, United States Army, 1963-1987, Infantry/Logistics, Council 4993 San Antonio
• Victor Sanchez, Sgt 1st Class, United States Army, 1968, Military Police, Council 4297, Killeen, Texas
• George Solis, Sgt, United States Army, 1970-1973, Supply, Council 101, Raymondville, Texas. National LULAC Veterans Committee
• Luis Flores, Sgt, United States Army, 1965-1966, Machine Gunner, Council 22347, San Benito, Texas
• Fred Garza, Sgt, United States Army, 1965-1966, Medic, Council 223447, San Benito, Texas, National LULAC Veterans Committee
• Roman Palomares, Sgt, United States Marine Corps, 1966-1970, Helicopter Mechanic, Council 101, Ft Worth, Texas, Chairman, National LULAC Veterans Committee
• Jorge Haynes, Sgt, United States Air Force, 1969-19771, Navigation Systems, Council 777, Laredo, Texas, National LULAC Veterans Committee
• Rolando Gonzalez, United States Navy, 1969-1970, Council 777, Laredo, Texas. National LULAC Veterans Committee, Past Vice Chairman

Our LULAC service members, primarily teens and young adults, often faced public ridicule and hostility when they served during the war. With our recognition, we move beyond the politics of the conflict and focus on the Veterans who were owed a more supportive welcome home. We honor and affirm their service 50 years later.



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