LULAC National Education Chair Calls Selection Of Dr. Miguel Cardona A New Opportunity

Nation’s Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says New Leader As Secretary of Education Will Ignite Hope

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Caroline Sanchez Crozier, National LULAC Education Committee Chair issued the following statement on the naming of President-elect Biden’s nominee for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona:

“This is a bold moment for education across our country and especially for Latino families. The nomination of Connecticut Education Commissioner Dr. Miguel Cardona represents an opportunity to rewrite the history of failure of the English-language learners and the fundamental changes that his appointment will bring to the vulnerable and marginalized communities across the country. The promise of a new narrative of success for native language students and the encouragement of preserving their foundational language and culture that should be valued in a country of multilingual and multicultural populations. Dr. Cardona is restoring the soul of education, bringing families that represent the fabric of this country, and igniting hope to a fragmented and broken system. The National Education Committee stands with Commissioner Dr. Cardona in moving forward an agenda of equity, leadership, and innovation for Latinos.”

Cardona has more than 20-years teaching experience including in an elementary school setting. He transitioned to an administrative track and served as a principal for ten years before becoming an assistant superintendent. He also worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut and was appointed the state’s first Latino commissioner of education in 2019.

Sindy Benavides, LULAC National Chief Executive Officer says Cardona’s selection is the right one for our times. “Dr. Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education represents a wonderful step forward for the nation’s growing diverse student body striving to advance in the most difficult conditions possible. NCES projects that Hispanic enrollment will continue to grow, reaching 14.0 million and 27.5 percent of public school enrollment by fall 2029. COVID-19 has not only highlighted the technology gaps confronting our communities of color; it has also challenged school districts and our entire national public school framework to think beyond the pandemic and imagine what the world will look like for our children. LULAC throughout its history has viewed education as a fundamental cornerstone in our civil rights guaranteed by the constitution and yet, it has often been an empty promise which we have had to rectify in the courts. We wish Dr. Cardona all the success and are ready to roll up our sleeves to work together once again to make public education in America a source of pride and the first step in every child’s life towards a brighter future.”


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