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LULAC Calls Rich Fierro A Hero For Taking Down Colorado Mass Shooter And Announces A $5,000 Reward Plus Lifetime Membership For His Bravery

Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says America's Latino Soldiers Have Always Been Among the Most Courageous Souls in the USA

Richard Fierro and his wife, Jessica Fierro.

Washington, DC – Domingo Garcia, National President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), says Rich Fierro is America's hero. The Army combat veteran bolted into action Saturday night to take down the mass shooter who opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The gunman killed five people and wounded 25 others in the seconds that Fierro instinctively rushed the shooter. The former soldier grabbed the attacker's body armor and yanked him to the ground, where he pummeled the shooter with his own handgun, leaving him bloodied and unable to move. Other patrons then jumped in and helped Fierro, including his wife. Among those killed was the boyfriend of Fierro’s daughter, who was with them when the gunman opened fire.

"Rich, who was twice honored with the Bronze Star for heroism in combat, exemplifies what our Latino servicemembers and veterans do in the face of danger, even when it means putting their own lives on the line," says Garcia. "LULAC is awarding this ex-combat soldier who did four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan the LULAC Presidential Medal. This recognition is the highest honor bestowed by the league in our 93-year history. Only a select group of men and women are worthy of this honor, and Rich is a hero whose actions saved lives, even if he might lose his own," he added.

Earlier, LULAC strongly denounced the attack and called on Congress and the Biden Administration to move swiftly to make hate crimes of this nature a federal capital offense, with no deals for the people who commit them. Also, LULAC called out politicians and said Fierro's bravery flies in the face of their scapegoating of Latinos, especially migrants, through vile hate speech to gain votes at any cost. Garcia said their attacks on ‘the other’ stirs individuals with mental disorders and access to firearms they can use on mass public targets.

"LULAC reminds America that fear-mongering leads to these types of deadly attacks but thank God we have American heroes like Rich Fierro who stand up to danger and act to defend other people," says Garcia. LULAC reached out to the Fierro family to invite him to Washington to bestow the reward and honor or to come to him in Colorado Springs for a special ceremony.

"Rich Fierro protected his family first and without hesitation leaped into the breach to place his own body between them and those enemies who would do us harm," said Garcia. "Throughout our modern history, this is the price Latinos heroes have paid for our nation's freedoms," he added.


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