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Nation's Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Urges Immediate Action As Texas Tops the United States in Mass Shootings

May 6, 2023
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Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is deeply saddened by the tragic mass shooting that occurred on Saturday, May 6, at a mall in the city of Allen, near Dallas, Texas. According to authorities, the shooting was carried out by an unidentified male who is now deceased. The shooting claimed the lives of eight victims, and left three others wounded. With this tragic event, Texas currently holds the record for the highest number of mass shootings in the past five years, with 34 reported cases, according to the Center for Gun Violence.

In light of this tragedy, LULAC national president Domingo Garcia states, "LULAC is calling on Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dade Phelan to convene an emergency meeting on Monday at the Texas Capitol. We must stop this epidemic of killings by declaring that Texas is taking immediate steps to prevent more mass shootings that are becoming all too frequent. Garcia states, "It is no longer enough to express condolences and say prayers after the fact without taking the commonsense steps and enacting laws which can be enforced effectively to address this threat to our communities. Also, politicians doing nothing is no longer acceptable."

LULAC urges Governor Abbott and the state legislature to require mandatory licenses for anyone wanting to buy a semi-automatic, large-caliber, high-velocity firearm such as an AR-15 or comparable weapons commonly associated with military actions such as an AK-47. Additionally, LULAC urges the passage of laws that empower the Texas Department of Public Safety to be the statewide agency that issues the licenses to people who must first pass the necessary requirements.

Moreover, Governor Abbott and the state legislature must allocate adequate money to fund mental health programs in Texas and conduct public awareness outreach to inform people about identifying the signs associated with mental illness, especially when firearms are present, and these individuals can be a danger to themselves or others. "We must take immediate action because we have witnessed the tragedies in Sutherland, Santa Fe, Uvalde, El Paso, and now Allen, Texas," said Garcia. "LULAC is ready to join with other community organizations in Allen to help the families who have lost loved ones and have been impacted by this tragic shooting," he adds.

LULAC pledges to closely monitor state leaders' actions and update the Latino community on how to engage with their elected leaders to call for meaningful action, not simply partisan political rhetoric. LULAC is committed to supporting proactive government officials and law enforcement agencies to prevent future tragedies and make Texas safer for everyone. We can protect the second amendment but also the lives of Texas children and residents.



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