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LULAC Analysis: Patricia Guerrero Would Make History As The First Latina Chief Justice On California's Supreme Court

Nation's Largest and Oldest Latino Civil Rights Organization Celebrates Nomination of the Daughter of Mexican Immigrants but Tells Governor Newsom Latinos Deserve More

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued the following statement after the nomination by California Governor Gavin Newsom of Patricia Guerrero to serve as Chief Justice of that state's highest court. Guerrero was sworn in as an Associate Justice on the court in March. She is a first-generation Californian who grew up in the Imperial Valley, graduated from UC Berkeley, and received her law degree from Stanford University. Her nomination must now be approved by the Commission on Judicial Appointments and approved by voters next November. Her term would begin in January 2023.

Domingo García – LULAC National President
"LULAC is proud to support and urge the confirmation of Justice Guerrero, who has earned this position through her proven merit and accomplishments. Her story is a powerful inspiration to many more young, talented students in our communities who may doubt whether they can achieve their dreams. Justice Guerrero is an example that sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance pay off, and LULAC is here to mentor them on their journey. As a young shoeshine boy growing up in South Dallas, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer, and like Justice Guerrero, this country afforded me the opportunity. Putting in the study and the work was my job, and this is why LULAC, throughout its history, has championed education and supported our young people who are the justices, elected officials, and other leaders of the future."

José Barrera – California LULAC State Director
"This nomination is a historical moment for Latinos in California, who now make up 40 percent of the state's population and represent the fastest growing demographic. We, too, salute Justice Guerrero and acknowledge her achievements and abilities. However, California LULAC is very disappointed that the governor is not filling the position she is vacating with an equally capable Latino, given the disparity on the court in reflecting our state's diversity. This body comprises the state's highest court at a time when our numbers deserve an equal presence and voice. Governor Newsom's actions deny us that earned equality. Also, this judicial imbalance reminds us that Latinos continue to be viewed as a necessary political force with which to contend, but not yet, one to be respected, much less feared by career politicians."


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