Help Families Ripped Apart in Nebraska

Washington, DC - – Dear LULAC Familia & Supporters,

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has sent a LULAC intervention team to Nebraska to help families who have been ripped apart following an unprovoked terror strike by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the arrest of 130 working Latino migrants in northern Nebraska and South Minnesota.

More than 400 agents descended upon non-criminal immigrants in an unprecedented and indiscriminate series of raids. Their lightning attacks terrified the men and women who were trapped inside plants and facilities with all exits sealed. No one was allowed to enter or exit resulting in fear and anxiety as ICE intended.

Sadly, innocent children whose Mom, Dad or both have been arrested feel abandoned and left to fend for themselves with only the help of local communities. As troubling as this sounds, we know the reality is that the parents will be rushed into deportation with waiver forms ICE uses to pressure migrants into leaving the country.

The detained men and women were not menacing criminals who threatened their communities. Most were far away from their land of birth, each day sacrificing, contributing and serving as a model of how hard work in the land of opportunity embodies the American Dream. They were neighbors, customers, friends and family building lives together and helping others. Their departure hurts, not just them, but the communities where they lived.

LULAC urgently needs the assistance of immigration attorneys to advise and represent our fellow brothers and sisters pro bono to understand their rights and the papers that they will be asked to sign. Also, your donations are vital to help the affected families' expenses plus the work of volunteers LULAC has dispatched and who are on-the-ground now providing help.

We must fight the tactics ICE used in Nebraska. Your financial support and your voice is very important. Please join us in supporting our community! To donate, please click below.

In Solidarity,

President Domingo Garcia, Julie Contreras, President Hector Flores, & Joe Henry
LULAC Rapid Response Immigration Task Force


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