Fox News Commentator Tucker Carlson Belittles Women And Honor In Military Service

Nation’s Leading Latino Civil Rights Organization Condemns His Misogynist Remarks Made during Women’s History Month and Demands Action by Network

Washington, DC - Leaders of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today issued the organization’s strongest condemnation of Fox Commentator Tucker Carlson for his on-air statements calling women’s service in the military, “a mockery”. He compounded his insult by timing it to coincide with National Women’s History Month. March is selected for celebration of women’s contributions to America, including their skills, patriotism and heroism. These traits are demonstrated every day, from flag officer to E-1, in service to our nation’s defense.

“Carlson’s comments are a disgrace to journalistic decency, and he has become a voice for hate, rather than focusing on constructive solutions to issues facing our nation,” says Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President. “His words reflect a deeply troubled personal disregard for women. Also, his disdain is underscored by a total lack of appreciation and understanding for military core values as well as his own aversion to military service,” he added.

LULAC has a strong contingent of veterans from WWII to the present day. Roman Palomares, Chairman of the LULAC National Committee on Military and Veterans’ Affairs stated he is outraged by Carlson’s blatantly ignorant remarks. “Women in military service are full participants in the protection and defense of the U.S.,” said Palomares. “This individual’s statements reveal a chauvinist attitude intended to prevent our ability to move beyond outdated beliefs of pertaining to the perceived ‘woman’s place’ in America,” Palomares added.

The full integration and inclusion of women in all facets of military specialties has a profound and positive impact on America’s defense readiness. “Women and mothers in uniform lead and fight for our nation every single day,” says Sindy Benavides, LULAC National Chief Executive Officer. “A soldier is a soldier irrespective their gender. The problems in the military for women are rooted in discrimination, stereotyping, harassment and assault; none of which relate to their capability or performance. Mr. Tucker feeds the stereotypes that cause harm to women. He also undermines the rights of all Americans right to reach their full potential. We are a better nation because of the women who have led and continue to lead at all levels of society,” she continued.


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