Former President of Mexico Speaks out at LULAC National Convention Against Border Walls

July 2, 2011

Contact: Paloma Zuleta, (202) 365-4553

Acknowledges His Grandfather Crossed the Border – From Cincinnati to Guanajuato

CINCINNATI, OHIO – With the backdrop of the 2011 National Convention & Expo in Cincinnati, former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, spoke to a full house at the Duke Energy Convention Center last night. He was introduced by actor Tony Plana, best known for his role as the father in “Ugly Betty.”

“Cincinnati is special and a dear city to me. This is a city of migrants. This city witnessed the birth of my grandfather. He crossed borders…mountains…deserts..and reached that marvelous place in the state of Guanajuato (Mexico).”

“Migration is a real asset to all nations. I don’t think there’s anyone in this room who doesn’t have a migrant heritage. This is a land of opportunity. I do not distinguish the documented from the undocumented. I do not distinguish the place of origin. We all share the dream.”

“I don’t clearly understand why this nation is building walls instead of bridges.

Walls don’t work, and in our case, these two great nations, Mexico and the U.S...We’re neighbors and partners. Together we have to meet the challenges of the future. This nation has to open its eyes and tear down walls.”

Fox referred to several great American leaders and their statements regarding the Berlin Wall and other barriers. He referenced what Collin Powell said once, “This nation is blind. It’s preventing minorities from going to school.” In closing, he quoted Teddy Roosevelt, “only those who have been in the arena know about sacrifice…love and compassion…they are the ones enjoy the glory of triumph.”

LULAC believes our nation urgently needs an effective and practical immigration system that will reflect the best of America's values. LULAC supports a reform that will reduce the backlog of individuals seeking residency or citizenship and restructure the naturalization process in a manner that is streamlined, consistent, fair, and equitable for those seeking U.S. Citizenship.

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