Alert: Ricardo Fierro, LULAC Council President, Detained by ICE

"An Injustice Against Anyone is an Injustice Everywhere"

Washington, DC - – Dear LULAC Familia & Supporters,

Ricardo Fierro, a LULAC Council President, has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials since July 24th from his home in Racine, Wisconsin. Ricardo has been separated from his family and 5 children who are afraid he will soon be deported. Ricardo was brought to the United States as a minor more than 20 years ago. After graduating from J.I. Case High School he started a family and career and developing a reputation an entrepreneur in the community.

LULAC is calling for the immediate release of Ricardo Fierro so he can be reunited with his family and 5 children. He is a dedicated father, community leader, and LULAC Council President. LULAC will fight to protect the rights of each and every member.

His arrest has caused outrage in the Racine community from prominent elected officials, faith based organizations, and immigrant rights organizations who are working together to seek his immediate release so he can be reunited with his family and children.

Here are just a few of the statements from prominent elected officials in the community:

  • “Ricardo has chased the American Dream, building a life for himself and his family in Racine while others often chose to leave,” State Rep. Greta Neubauer said. “He is a devoted father and he has proven himself to be a hard worker. Ricardo gives back more than he receives from our community, whether it is through his work or as a longtime community advocate with the Racine Interfaith Coalition … Ricardo has gone to great lengths to be a law-abiding, contributing member of the community he loves.”
  • “I can attest to his character, his work ethic, and his efforts to work for citizenship for many years,” Racine Mayor Cory Mason wrote. “Although he may be undocumented, I consider him a model resident of Racine and wish there were hundreds more like him. Racine would be a better city as a result.” Ricardo worked with Mayor John Dickert in an advisory role on issues related to immigration.
  • “There are few people more dedicated to the Racine community than Ricardo Fierro,” Racine Interfaith Coalition co-president Linda Boyle said in a statement. “As the father of five children of U.S. citizenship, responsible son and brother, Ricardo’s detention has presented an unimaginable hardship to his family and loved ones.”

The Fierro family has received more than 50 letters of support and said that shows his value and importance to our community.

As a LULAC Council President, dedicated father, community leader, and member of the church, Ricardo's arrest has raised the alarm in the Racine, Wisconsin community for all immigrant families. As an outstanding member of the LULAC family we are concerned about his welfare and that of his family. Deporting Ricard Fierro would have a devastating impact on his family and children as the primary head of household.

Stand with LULAC and sign the #FreeRicardoFierro petition today and help support Ricardo and his family in their time of need. Let’s come together to and support Ricardo and his family in their time of need.

Thank you for signing the petition and your support for Ricardo and his family.

Hasta la Victoria!

Domingo Garcia
LULAC National President


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