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Domingo Garcia on Biden in Nevada /Latino Voters

CNN News Central

Dec 9, 2023


We want to bring in the league of Latin American citizens, Domingo Garcia. Domingo, thank you very much for being with us from Dallas. CNN's latest poll shows only a 4% gap among Latinos between president Biden and Republican front runner, Donald Trump. You think that Joe Biden can win reelection with the margin that slim?

>> No. He's going to have to up his game. For too long he has taken Latino issues and Latino voters for granted. I think voters in Nevada are up for grabs. What are you gonna do about jobs? What are you gonna do about inflation? What are you gonna do about education for our children? These are tamale and talk of issues Russ. Bread and butter issues for us. Not only in Nevada but Arizona and other battleground states.


>> I will take -- over Brett about a year any day. He's trying to push this idea that he is a union president. Obviously we know unions play an outsized role in Las Vegas, specifically. The culinary workers union. Nationally his approval rating on the economy is in the low 30s. It doesn't totally match where economic indicators are. Why are many feeling the economy isn't healthy and that Biden isn't handling it well?

>> I think it home you are still looking at smaller and smaller reserve spending left. So much money is being spent on gasoline, food, rent, mortgages. The people don't see that they are really making any progress. I think it is important that president Biden is able to highlight what he has done. More importantly to connect with Latino voters on those key issues of jobs, inflation, the


economy, what the democratic party and what his campaign will do over the next four years. Don't take them for granted. They are leaning -- especially Latino males, are leaning towards the Republican party on issues like law enforcement and the military.

>> That is really fascinating to me, Domingo. Because of the rhetoric from Donald Trump. He has improved his standing with the chino voters from 2016 all over the map. And in different sub sex of the Latino demographic. Recently he was talking about the blood of the country being poisoned by immigrants. How do you square that disparity between the rhetoric against immigrants and growing support for trump among Latinos?

>> It is important that we not let trump get away with it or any other politician when they start playing the fearmongering game, the scapegoating, the fear of the other. Which, unfortunately, it appears that is primarily what the trump campaign is doing. I think a lot of Latino voters


are concerned about immigration, especially those Latinos along the border area. I have been to eagle pass and El Paso. They want something to be legally established, and orderly procession as opposed to some of the chaos we are seeing now as well as assistance. That is one of the things where there is a disconnect between what is happening in Washington and what is happening in the Barrios and the homes of people in the border areas as well as subsets of the tear knows.

>> One last question. Latinos are the fastest growing voting bloc in the country. Consistently they have the lowest numbers among ethnic groups for registration and turnout. Why do you think that is? How does that get fixed?

>> There has not been an effort by Democrats, or Republicans, to really investigate in the Latino vote. Demographics are trending that way. That rollout, that way if you see slowly lapping higher and higher. Even though the numbers are still down compared to other


ethnic groups, the numbers are increasing in key battle states. Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin. The Latino vote can make a difference.

>> Domingo Garcia, we very much