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Name Number District Location Type
LULAC Council 23058 23058 Albany NY Regular
A Nutrition & Wellness Council 23196 Briarcliff Manor NY Regular
The Appreciative Council 23016 Bronx NY Regular
LULAC Council 23206 23206 Bronx NY Regular
LULAC Council 23205 23205 Bronx NY Regular
LULAC Council 23204 23204 Bronx NY Regular
NY Entrepeneur 23199 Bronx Ville NY Regular
NY Entrepeneur 23198 Bronx Ville NY Regular
Brooklyn Strong Council 23049 Brooklyn NY Regular
An Arts & Culture Council 23195 Brooklyn NY Regular
Juan Pablo Duarte Council 23070 Freeport NY Regular
LULAC Council 11487 11487 Guttenberg NY Regular
LULAC Council 23202 23202 Jamaica NY Regular
LULAC Council 23203 23203 New Rochelle NY Regular
LULAC Council 23051 23051 New Rochelle NY Regular
The Sports Foundation 23101 New York NY Regular
LULAC Council 23201 23201 New York NY Regular
LULAC Council 23059 23059 New York NY Regular
LULAC Council 11485 11485 North Bergen NY Regular
An Education & Science Council 23055 Ridgewood NY Regular
LULAC Council 11486 11486 Union City NY Regular
Centro Comunitario Hispano 23200 Valley Stream NY Regular
LULAC Council 11488 11488 West New York NY Regular
The Film & Fun Council 23071 Yonkers NY Regular