Fireside Chat: “Building Back Stronger for Today and Our Future”

After COVID-19, LULAC prevailed in reorganizing and strengthening its internal culture operations, values and services to the Latino community. Unpacking older processes and renovating communication strategies prepared LULAC to intrinsically integrate technology, innovation and research to build back stronger education at all levels and change today with a better tomorrow in mind.

Letty Velez, Innovation and Technology Committee Vice Chair, LULAC

Leonard Gonzales, Military & Veterans Committee Vice Chair, LULAC National
Caroline Sanchez Crozier, Innovation and Technology Committee Chair, LULAC National
Luis Chavez, Education Committee Chair, LULAC National
Dr. Ana Gil-Garcia, Education Committee Vice Chair, LULAC National

Recorded on November 4th, 2021
Duration: 51 mins. 01 secs.

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